What does a minimal beauty routine

What does a minimal beauty routine mean for cosmetic packaging manufacturers?

Over the past few years, attitudes to beauty and skincare have changed dramatically. A few years ago, beauty consumers were lining up 10 different products to use in each routine and now, many are adopting a more minimalist approach. 

This is a trend that’s also being seen in the makeup industry, as consumers switch from full coverage foundations and heavy eyeshadow looks, to natural, glowing skin looks that rely on just a few select products. 

As people cut down on the number of products that are taking up space on their bathroom shelves, it may cause issues for packaging manufacturers who don’t need to produce as many products. 

Here’s what minimal beauty routines could mean for cosmetic packaging manufacturers.

Multi-use products 

Customers now want high-performing products that are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Packaging manufacturers can use this trend to focus on multi-use products.

For example, using a cream blush formula and putting it in a stick container so that it can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyes easily. 

Similarly, a hydrating serum could be made using a more liquid formula and then put in a spray bottle for use as a makeup prepping spray, or to rehydrate the face throughout the day. 

Coming up with innovative ways to house products to improve their functionality will become a much more important task for manufacturers looking to keep up with the minimal beauty movement.

Dual-formula packaging designs

Packaging manufacturers may also want to consider designs that allow them to store more than one product. 

For example, a tube that contains both foundation and concealer, a compact that contains blush and bronzer, or a jar that contains both oil- and water-based formulas for double-cleansing.

This not only makes beauty routines easier but makes it more convenient to bring beauty products on-the-go or while travelling.

Minimal designs

The minimal approach to beauty routines is also being seen in customers’ approaches to aesthetics.

Brands that use simple, minimalist colors are proving the most popular at the moment – like Glossier, The Ordinary, The Inkey List etc.

Customers are gravitating toward these stripped-back, simple designs as they align with their current approach to beauty.

Quality over quantity

Finally, just because customers are cutting back on the number of products they use doesn’t mean that they’re reducing their spending.

Customers are now looking for quality over quantity when it comes to their makeup and skincare routines, and this should be reflected in product packaging.

Using new, innovative materials to create high-quality packaging is a great way to make products stand out and appeal to changing attitudes.

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