Collapsible Tubes

Collapsible Tubes

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Sugarcane Bio-Plastic Tube
Aluminum Tube
Twist-Lock Tube
PP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Treatment PumpPP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Treatment Pump
PP/Aluminum, Tube with Over CapPP/Aluminum, Tube with Over Cap
Tube ComponentTube Component
Ceramic Tube with ApplicatorCeramic Tube with Applicator
PP/PE, TubePP/PE, Tube
PP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Screw CapPP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Screw Cap
PP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Screw CapPP/PE/Bamboo, Tube with Screw Cap
PE/Bamboo, Brown Tube with Screw CapPE/Bamboo, Brown Tube with Screw Cap
PE, Lip Gloss TubePE, Lip Gloss Tube
Oval Tube with Screw CapOval Tube with Screw Cap
Natural Tube with RollerballNatural Tube with Rollerball
PP/PE, Tube with Screw CapPP/PE, Tube with Screw Cap
PP/PE, Tube with Flip CapPP/PE, Tube with Flip Cap
PP/PE, Oval Tube with Needle NozzlePP/PE, Oval Tube with Needle Nozzle
White Tube with Over CapWhite Tube with Over Cap
PE/PP, Tube with ApplicatorPE/PP, Tube with Applicator
PE/ABS, Tube with Silver ApplicatorPE/ABS, Tube with Silver Applicator
PE, Tube with Vibrating ApplicatorPE, Tube with Vibrating Applicator
PE, Tube Roller with Over CapPE, Tube Roller with Over Cap
Clear, Dual Tube with Flip TopClear, Dual Tube with Flip Top
PE, Airless Treatment Pump TubePE, Airless Treatment Pump Tube
Dual Chamber 2-Layer TubeDual Chamber 2-Layer Tube
Dual Chamber 2-Layer Tube APG-777132

40ml Outer/30ml Inner

Tube APG-777127

180ml, 240ml

Tube APG-777126

100ml, 130ml

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss TubeLip Balm/Lip Gloss Tube

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