More Brands Need to go Genderless

Brands that adopt a genderless approach to packaging and beauty products will be amongst the most successful, tells US-based personal care packaging manufacturer, APackaging Group (APG).

According to recent studies, 27% of female and 24% of male consumers want to buy from brands that support social causes [1]. For many beauty consumers, inclusivity is an important social cause, and are willing to pay more to buy from brands that align with their views on the topic.

Consumers have been calling on beauty brands to become more inclusive and progressive, fuelling companies to break traditional gender roles and stereotypes to create products that are not targeted to one specific gender. This change in approach is opening the beauty industry up and allowing brands to target an ever-growing community of beauty lovers, says APG.


APackaging Group says, “Beauty has always been about expressing yourself, and now that more brands are going genderless, the industry has become more inclusive than ever. We’ve seen a large increase in customers opting for minimal, monochrome designs that are made to appeal to everyone. This change isn’t going to be a passing trend, but the new normal for all brands and, for those that don’t follow this societal change, they risk being left behind.”

APackaging Group are a leading US manufacturer of beauty products, working with an impressive roster of global clients including Estee Lauder, Ulta, Sephora, and Unilever. Together, they have successfully created functional and aesthetic packaging solutions for some of the best-selling beauty products across the world.

Offering both stock and bespoke packaging options, APG offers industry-leading packaging concepts that helps client’s products stand out on the shelves and appeal to their target demographic. As experts in the field, APG are now encouraging all their clients to consider going genderless when it comes to designing the packaging of their new products.

To help brand adopt a more genderless approach, APackaging Group offer a range of minimalist, yet functional, stock packaging options that any brand can incorporate their branding on. The US packaging manufacture also works closely with clients to create bespoke solutions to the genderless movement.



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