Airless Pump Bottles

There are multiple benefits as a result of airless pump technology, which is why A Packaging Group manufactures the ideal airless pump bottles as packaging solutions for creams & serums.

The Benefits of Airless Pump Technology

Airless technology has become the new future of the cosmetic, beauty and medical packaging industry. Today, airless pump bottles are on the rise for cosmetic packaging solutions for those manufacturers who want their products to stand out from the competition.


What is the Difference Between Airless and Conventional Pump Bottles?

 A conventional bottle pumps product from the bottom of the bottle but doesn’t allow it to pull the last bit when it gets low. This leaves the consumer trying to get the last bit of product from the bottom of the bottle all the while exposing it to bacteria and oxidizing it so it may lose its effectiveness. Not to mention being extremely frustrating. Not so with airless bottles.


How Does Airless Work?

 New, innovative airless bottles consist of a bottle container, a plastic piston apparatus inside a diaphragm in the body and a pump head at the mouth of the bottle. When the pump is depressed, the piston moves upward inside the diaphragm.

 Pressure works to fill the empty cavity and then dispenses the contents uniformly. When your customers are using small quantities, the precision afforded by airless pumps can be extremely important, especially for treatment products that require a higher level of accuracy.


The Benefits of Airless Pump Technology

 Airless packaging is suitable for fluids, liquids, creams, gels and any beauty or health application. These airless bottles are particularly good for formulations that have a high viscosity. Because of their ability to effectively pump formulas that resist flow, there is very little waste.

 An airless bottle can also enhance product life due to its non-pressurized airless chamber which is perfect for those products with no preservatives and natural and organic products. Airless bottles offer a high-end packaging look and a myriad of customizable options.


Airless bottles offer many benefits such as

  • Excellent double-wall protection for sensitive formulations
  • Ideal for dispensing high viscosity liquids that resist flow
  • 360-degree exact dispensation and dosing each and every time
  • Excellent product evacuation with little waste
  • 100 percent leakproof
  • Available in a broad range of decorative and customizable options with a sophisticated luxury feel
  • Ideal for more sensitive products such as natural and organic creams, serums, foundations, and more
  • Isolation of the product to inhibit oxidizing, deteriorating and bacteria.
  • Provides splatterless delivery without dripping and clogging at discharge.
  • Does not need to be sitting upright in order to pump contents.
  • No dip tubes
  • Lighter in weight than traditional pump bottles
  • Provides luxury and stylish packaging solutions available in many finishes and decorative options

What Consumers Expect

 Consumers are much more aware of their cosmetics today, not with regard to the ingredients but also the benefits that some packaging can afford over others. Those who market cosmetic products can be credited for this consumer shift and education. Consequently, it’s important for cosmetics manufacturers to up their game when it comes to options for their customers.


At APG, we offer many different types of airless pump bottles: 

  • Single airless pump bottles -- perfect for an all-in-one packaging solution that avoids sourcing multiple components
  • Dual chamber airless pumps -- perfect for multiple products or multistep products
  • Airless jars — cuts down on contamination that can occur with regular jars
  • Airless eye treatment bottles — can be a good solution in comparison to other roller ball styles
  • Glass airless pump systems with refill capability — refillable and recyclable
  • Airless cosmetic syringes
  • Different shapes and content options available in both plastic or glass that can be highly customized for the client.
  • Clear-wall bottles offer viewable coloration of contents from the outside.
  • Prevents air exposure which can increase shelf life by 15 percent.


Is Your Packaging Reflecting Your Brand?

In our current competitive cosmetics industry, you want to make sure that your packaging exemplifies your brand and builds trust with your customers. At APG, we are a packaging supplier that will not only focus on your direct needs but can steer you toward technology that may better suit your product and your brand. Our airless pump bottles come in a variety of materials and sizes to suit your brand identity to a T.


Our Design Options

Our custom design team listens to your objectives carefully in order to assist you, whether you want a bold design or a sleek classic concept. We will provide cutting edge solutions such as our line of airless pump bottles that may give your product that added spark that it needs in the marketplace. Depending on the airless pump product, we offer many different capacities, materials, lock options, color options and decorative options.


Your Success is Our Success 

We believe in symbiotic partnerships, therefore your success is our success. Let us show you how having tailored solutions can offer your product a harmony of aesthetics and function for a better position in the marketplace. For information about our line of airless pump bottles or to discuss a project customization, call us at (626)385-5858 or email us at sales@apackaging

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