Cosmetic Tube

Our hi-tech cosmetic tube products come in many sizes and finishes while offering a high-end cosmetic experience to support your brand.

Cosmetic Tube Packaging True to Your Brand

Few industries today value packaging as much as the personal care and cosmetics industry. Trends can come out of the most unlikely places and companies need to know that they can count on their packaging partners to make their products stand out and make their brand shine.

APG’s Commitment to Your Product

At APG, our innovative packaging solutions and our commitment to your product make us dedicated partners in your success. With an attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we have formed many successful relationships with today’s leading beauty companies. Let us do this for you.

Hi-Tech Packaging For Contemporary Products

Today, we have the availability of many cutting-edge technologies that have given us specialty plastics that offer the luxury of glass with the functionality and durability of plastic. Our hi-tech cosmetic tube products come in many sizes and finishes while offering a high-end cosmetic experience to support your important brand.

A Wide Variety of Options

At APG, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic tubes that vary by size, shape, head style, material and cap options so you are sure to find an option for your product.


  • A wide variety of fill capacities
  • Collapsible tubes with airless pumps
  • Cosmetic tubes with bamboo caps
  • Cosmetic tubes with bamboo screw caps
  • Double side lip gloss tubes
  • Airless packaging tubes
  • Bamboo mascara tubes
  • Paper deodorant tubes
  • Hexagonal lipstick tubes
  • Bamboo lipstick tubes

and more.

By mixing and matching components, we can offer an almost limitless variety of cosmetic tube containers and are sure to find one to fit your needs.

A Custom Design Team at Your Service

When you are looking for a custom solution for your project, our design team is here to help. We offer thoughtful and vibrant creative design that teams aesthetics with function. Our understanding of trends and challenges allows us the ability to offer solutions that are both efficient and effective for your brand while watching your bottom line.

At APG, we offer:


  • Speed to market — our lead time from concept to customer is within 90 days. Our competition can take 6 to 12 months
  • Competitive pricing — with our strategic global investments and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we are a leader in pricing
  • Production capacity — with our numerous facilities and  automated, high-performance machination, we produce over 600 million units per year
  • Custom solutions — our design engineers work closely with you to design packaging that is in tune with your brand and vision
  • Sustainability — we understand today’s consumer and their need for sustainability in their cosmetics. We have designed and patented solutions that offer fully recyclable resins. This offers you the ability to offer 100% PCR plastic packaging for your cosmetic tubes and other plastic packaging containers.
  • Strategic partnerships — because we have a long-term presence globally, we have made substantial investments and developed partnerships with numerous Asian packaging manufacturers.


A Global Partner With Local Dedication

From our innovative options to our complete dedication to your success, we offer a partnership that is able to stay true to your brand. Our line of packaging will get your product noticed for all the right reasons.

Our team will work with you to devise and explore creative possibilities to spark your product in today’s marketplace. With our array of materials, shapes, sizes, colors and design options in addition to our custom capabilities, we can support you and offer a fresh and exciting face for your products.

Why Work With APG?

Our customers rely on us because of our over 20 years in the industry, our knowledge of trends and our design capabilities. We take pride in our ability to produce packaging that will enable you to stand out from your competition and reduce your costs. For more information about our products or to discuss a customization project, contact us at (626)385-5858 or email us at sales@apackaging


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