What do customers look for in good skin care packaging

Although the formula is most important when it comes to skincare, brands can’t ignore the importance of packaging and how this can affect customers’ buying decisions.

Packaging is not only a marketing tool that can attract customers’ attention when shopping online or in-store, but it also affects the usability and performance of the product. 

By using quality, functional packaging, you can ensure that more consumers take notice of your product and continue to repurchase it. 

If you’re looking to update your packaging designs, or if you’re starting from scratch, here is what the average beauty customer is looking for in their skincare packaging.

A sleek but attractive design 

Aesthetics may not be the primary reason that customers pick up your product, but it can do a lot to grab their attention and encourage them to find out more about your product. 

A sleek and attractive design will not only stand out on a shelf, or website, but it also will look good on their bathroom shelves or cabinet – so they can display it with pride wherever they are. 

When it comes to choosing your product’s packaging, it’s best to pick a limited color scheme that’s not too overwhelming. When you overdo it with bright colors, loud fonts and bold designs, it may have the opposite effect than what you were trying to achieve. Rather than grabbing consumers’ attention, it could turn them off completely.

Packaging that’s functional 

After you’ve decided what the packaging will look like aesthetically, it’s important that you pay a lot of care and attention to how the packaging functions.

Your packaging should fit the formula that you have created. For example, thick creams and balms would not be usable if you put them in a small tube. Similarly, an oil or liquid serum would be extremely hard to use if you put it in a jar.

Make sure that the packaging complements the formula and allows your customer to get the best experience possible.

You should also conduct testing to ensure that your packaging doesn’t leak after extended use, spill when customers try to dispense the product, or break over time.

Poor packaging decisions like this may make a customer abandon the product before they finish it or prevent them from repurchasing it in the future.

Transparency around ingredients 

Finally, as customers continue to conduct their own research and become more knowledgeable about skincare, they want beauty companies to be more transparent about the ingredients they use.

Providing enough information to inform customers’ purchasing decisions is important and can help build rapport and trust.

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