Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Here at APG, we offer over 20 years of experience at the forefront of trends in the packaging industry. One of the biggest trends in the industry today is eco friendly cosmetic packaging.

Eco Friendly Solutions for Your Products

Your packaging sends a very powerful message. It’s your first impression and conveys your brand, your values and what sets you apart in the marketplace. Many cosmetics brands are taking into consideration today’s well-educated consumer and learning how their packaging can reach the right customer.

Many consumers are concerned about our current environmental issues and are dedicated to purchasing products that don’t contribute to its degradation. At APG, we are committed to those concerns by offering eco friendly cosmetic packaging that is made of up to 100% PCR, bamboo and sustainable paper.


One of the Biggest Trends in Cosmetics Today


Consumer sentiment is driving awareness to waste and the environment. As a result, many manufacturers are seeing the benefits of introducing sustainable packaging and getting their products to be regarded as environmentally responsible. With our line of eco friendly cosmetic packaging, we offer financial, social and brand equity gains for our customers.


PCR Packaging

PCR or post consumer resin is a sustainable solution for today’s environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging options. As a blend of recycled plastics that would have normally ended up in a landfill, PCR technology can produce these plastics into new packaging that looks and feels like a high-end product while still providing your customers with a sustainable satisfaction with your product.


When it comes to eco friendly cosmetic packaging, PCR offers many benefits.

  • Avoids further use of petro-chemical resins
  • Avoids further depletion of our finite fossil fuel sources
  • Reuses single-use plastics
  • Reduces landfill dumping
  • Can be recycled again for further manufacturing uses
  • Requires less energy to produce than other PET plastics
  • Helps forge a more circular economy
  • Offers the same durability as PET plastics
  • Offers a similar appearance as PET plastics
  • Maintains a very low gas-vapor transmission rate
  • Is resistant to stress cracking
  • Helps brand your product showing customers that you care about the impact of plastics on the environment


Our quality PCR products offer our customers a full spectrum of availabilities, sizes, shapes, colors and volumes to choose from. We also offer customized solutions that can be tailored to your specific brand and needs. Our current cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities allow us great flexibility and allow us to adapt to any of your needs.


Bamboo Packaging

Another sustainable trend in the packaging industry is the use of bamboo. Bamboo is a plant used over the millennia throughout the world and is now spanning countless industries including construction and textiles. It’s a fast-growing and sustainable source for eco friendly cosmetic packaging that helps reduce environmental impact and promotes a cleaner product. In the cosmetics industry, bamboo has represented not only sustainability but also a feeling of luxury.


The benefits of bamboo are

  • Strength and durability exceeding that of traditional wood.
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Fast growing
  • Locally sourced
  • Biodegradable and compostable


Paper Packaging

Today's sustainable paper eco friendly cosmetic packaging offers a perfect material for products that can be reduced and reused, are 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable. They are a perfect alternative to petroleum based plastics for your line of balms, creams or lotions. Our sustainable paper jars and lip balm tubes have a smooth high-end look, an oil resistant barrier and are a great alternative to plastic containers.


We Have the Solutions

If you are looking for direction or customization of eco friendly options, we have solutions. Our designers are here to help you. With our understanding of the international market and design, we are able to offer solutions to any challenges you may have. For information about our product line or a project customization, call us at (626)385-5858 or email us at sales@apackaging

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