Tips on How to Convey Your Brand Image Through Packaging

We’ve seen so many beauty brands make the mistake of viewing their packaging as an afterthought when really it should be one of the most important marketing tools.

You’ve spent your time building a brand, producing marketing campaigns, so why forget about all of that when it comes to putting your formula into its packaging?

Creating packaging designs that speak for your brand helps to build a connection between you and your customer.

Before they even read what the product’s name is or ingredients are, it’s the packaging that needs to catch their attention – so make sure it’s conveying your brand in its best light.

Here are our top tips for how to convey your brand image through packaging.

Think of your product like a person

It’s time to stop thinking of packaging as just a vehicle to house your product, it’s so much more than that.

To convey a story, think of the type of person your product would be. Are they young? Old? Adventurous? Minimal?

Now think about what that person would look for in their packaging. This will make it far easier for you to come up with a design that reflects your brand’s personality and speaks to your target consumers.

Be consistent

As a brand, you’ve probably already worked on a logo, social media content and other marketing collateral. In order to tell a strong brand story, you want all your designs to be clear and consistent – including your packaging design.

Pick a few colours that you’ll use across all content, stick to the same fonts, and make sure you have your own unique aesthetic that will help customers identify your product easily.

Focus on what makes you unique

It can be easy to look at your competitor’s packaging and try to replicate their success or choose designs that follow certain trends, but the best brands design packaging that is true to them.

Every brand is completely unique, and your packaging should reflect this! Think about what makes you different and what makes your target customers different, and highlight this in your packaging designs.

You can’t guarantee success for your brand following other people’s routes, you can only be successful by being authentic and individual.

If you need help coming up with packaging that conveys your brand’s story, chat with us today!

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