APG - How to create luxe packaging that’s super sustainable

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor for customers and manufacturers when it comes to packaging.

With demand rising, brands have to look for ways to make their packaging kinder to the environment. This used to mean making compromises, which many luxury brands didn’t want to make.

Now, however, it’s much easier to create luxe packaging that feels extra premium, yet remains sustainable.

Here’s how you can create luxe packaging that keeps your brand feeling expensive, but still satisfies the sustainable demands of your customer base.

  • Choose a sustainable packaging supplier

It all starts with the company you choose to produce your product’s packaging. You should try and align yourself with a partner that shares your sustainability goals and understands your vision.

At APackaging Group, we work hard with our customers to come up with innovative and luxurious packaging solutions, while providing sustainable materials that are beneficial to us, customers and the environment.

  • Pick your materials wisely

When choosing your packaging you should be conscious of how sustainable the material is that you’re using.

If sustainability is your goal, you should avoid non-recyclable packaging wherever possible as this will just end up in landfills once your customer has finished using the product.

For luxury brands, glass may be a good option for your products. The weight and appearance of glass feel very luxurious, but it can also be recycled or reused over and over again.

You could also experiment with other, more creative, materials like bamboo for your packaging if this fits with your brand.

  • Be conscious of the amount of packaging you use

You may want your packaging to be exciting and eye-catching, but be careful not to over-design.

Try to only use as much material as necessary to hold the product to avoid creating too much waste.

Don’t try to add extravagant lids, or make the product bigger than it needs to be, this will just require extra material which isn’t a very sustainable choice.

  • Consider the full life-cycle of your packaging

When manufacturing packaging, you don’t just need to think about the materials and processes that go into the initial creation of your product. You also have to think about the full life cycle.

What happens your customer finishes their product? Can they return the packaging to be recycled? Can they reuse it after? Do you sell refills that they can insert back into the packaging?

These should all be important considerations that ensure full sustainability for your packaging solution.

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