Hygienic products

The pandemic caused a big shakeup for all industries but had a particularly big impact on beauty consumers.

Over the course of the pandemic, not only did more people start to take their beauty routines more seriously, but there was a big change in attitudes towards beauty brands, products, ingredients and formulations.

Many of these changes in attitude can have a very big impact on your packaging decisions and choices. Here is how changes in beauty buyers over the pandemic can affect your packaging.

  • Hygienic products are essential

Handwashing, sanitizer and hygiene practices have all become a big part of our lives over the past couple of years. This attitude to cleanliness has made many people rethink how they use their beauty products.

Putting your fingers into jars, or applying product to your face using your hands is an easy way to spread germs and bacteria.

To combat this issue of hygiene-conscious consumers, beauty brands may want to consider creating packaging that allows for the hands-free application of customers’ favorite products.

Whether this is through finding innovative packaging solutions that prevent customers from having to dip their fingers directly into products, or switching things up from jars to packaging with built-in applicators, there are plenty of ways to redesign your packaging with hygiene as a priority.

  • Packaging that is fit for the formula

Over the pandemic, people’s interest in beauty products and the ingredients that go into them heightened. 

Consumers are becoming more educated than ever when it comes to the products they use on their faces thanks to the wealth of information you can find online.

Because of this, customers want to know that the packaging that houses their products are in fact fit for its purpose. With some products – like Vitamin C and Retinol – requiring extra stable packaging, customers will know straight away if something isn’t correct.

  • Let customers do it themselves

People got used to doing their own hair, nails and makeup as beauty salons across the world closed their doors so be sure that your packaging allows them to keep up this sense of freedom.

Make sure your packaging includes all the tools or applicators your customers could need to satisfy their interest in DIY beauty and the products that help them to achieve this.

Things like self-tanning products, eyebrow lamination and hair coloring kits should all include extremely user-friendly packaging if you want them to be successful.

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