eyeliner packaging

Eyeliner is one of the most popular items of makeup, perfect for adding a subtle wing to the eyes or getting creative with different designs.

It’s also a product that can come in many different types of packaging, depending on the formula and its intended use.

If you’re trying to design the perfect eyeliner packaging for your newest product, here’s how.

Prioritize functionality 

The first thing that you should consider when it comes to eyeliner packaging is functionality. Eyeliner is a product that can be notoriously hard to use, especially when you’re trying to create dainty wings or precise lines, so functionality is everything.

Whether you include a built-in brush, include a space for users to comfortably fit their hands while using the product, or use a handy felt-tip brush that distributes the product evenly, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your customer during the design process.

Different types of eyeliner packaging

When it comes to eyeliner, you have a few different options when it comes to the design of your packaging.

The option you choose will largely come down to the formula of your eyeliner – whether it’s thick, thin, gel-consistency, or more of a pomade.

Here are some of the most common eyeliner packaging components that you can use from APackaging Group.

  • Eyeliner component with built-in brush

If your formula is thinner in consistency, a component with a built-in brush is a good way to store your product.

Featuring a tube to hold the product, with a twist-off lid that keeps a brush submerged in the product when not in use, this can make eyeliner application easy and removes the need for users to have their own separate brush.

  • Pomade container with brush

For eyeliners that have a thicker consistency, you can use a dual-sided eyeliner component that has space for your product on one side that can be completely screwed off and a brush on the other.

Keeping the brush and product separate, while in the same component, gives users more control over the amount of product they pick up.

  • Ergonomic eyeliner component

If you want to make it extremely easy for your customers to use your product, creating ergonomic packaging that feels comfortable in their hands is key.

Our user-friendly eyeliner component uses a curved design that easily fits into the user's hands and helps them to apply even the most precise wings with ease. 

Perfect for thinner formulas, this packaging comes with a super small brush that many customers will love using.

  • Gel eyeliner component

Finally, we have a gel eyeliner component. This is a small jar that you can store your product in if it’s more of a thicker/pomade consistency.

With this item, customers will need to use their own brushes to dip into the component to use the product.

This small item is great for saving space, and giving users more control when using their eyeliner. But you do need to be careful about the formulas you put in it as messes can quickly be made if your formula isn’t solid enough.

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