We’re all trying to do our bit to cut down on the amount of plastic we use and the environmental impact that our everyday lives have on our planet.

However, there’s always a lot more that can be done if we want to create a significant difference. 

While some brands are trying to cut down on the amount of plastic used in their products, other brands are going one step further by introducing completely packaging-free products.

If you’re interested in what packaging-free products may look like, or why they are one of the most eco-friendly alternatives, keep on reading.

What is packaging-free?

Packaging-free is a term that’s used to describe products that contain no packaging whatsoever. 

You may already be familiar with this if you’ve ever been to a supermarket that offers free refills. This is where you bring your own storage containers and fill them up with things like pasta, nuts, and rice.

It’s becoming very common in the food industry, which has led many brands to consider how this could potentially find use in the beauty industry too.

How can the beauty industry follow the packaging-free trend?

Unlike other industries, beauty packaging is an extremely important part of the industry and not one that brands can completely go without.

Packaging is a functional requirement for all products, but that doesn’t mean that brands can’t take inspiration from other industries that are adopting a packaging-free approach.

One of the main ways we are starting to see the packaging-free trend work its way into the beauty industry is through refillable packaging.

This is where a customer buys their product and, once they’ve finished this they buy a refill to put into the existing packaging rather than buying the whole product again.

This significantly cuts back on the amount of plastic that’s created and the amount of unnecessary waste.

If beauty brands then combine this technique with packaging that uses sustainable materials like bamboo, for example, the negative environmental consequences of packaging are taken down to the very minimum.

Using the right packaging for your products ensures that the formulas are safe and stable for use on your face. Finding the right materials that not only offer superior functionality and improved sustainability should also be a focus for many beauty brands who are in the works of designing packaging for their next product.

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