What you need to know about the airless packaging trend

One of the hottest new trends in packaging design is coming up with airless packaging options, it’s something that’s become especially popular in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

So, what do you need to know about this newest trend, and why should your business start using this instead of your traditional packaging designs?

What is airless packaging?

Airless packaging, as the name would suggest, is a type of packaging design that aims to keep air outside of the packaging and away from your product.

A common application for airless packaging is in the form of airless bottles which consist of a bottle container, a plastic piston apparatus that moves upwards inside the bottle when the pump is pressed—it’s then the pressure inside the bottle that forces the product out.

Why is airless packaging better than the traditional packaging?

Airless packaging is much better than traditional packaging for a number of reasons, including:

  • It prevents contamination as there’s no air getting into the product that could cause bacteria to grow
  • No preservatives are needed in the product due to the lack of air contamination—which is especially useful for organic and eco-friendly cosmetics products
  • There’s less waste because you can be much more accurate with the amount of product that you dispense
  • Product can be pumped out at any angle, not just when upright
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly as this type of packaging can be refilled over and over again
  • Much lighter and cheaper to transport compared to traditional packaging
  • 100% leak proof so you can travel with your beauty products without having to worry about any mess

What can airless packaging be used for?

There are plenty of different uses for airless packaging, and we offer quite the range ourselves at APackaging Group for our customers to use.

Here are some of the airless packaging solutions that we offer:

  • Single airless pump bottles
  • Dual chamber airless pumps for multiple, or multistep products
  • Airless jars
  • Airless eye treatment bottles
  • Glass airless pump systems with refill capability
  • Airless cosmetic syringes

All of our packaging options come in a range of designs that will represent your brand, you can even customize the packaging to fit your specific requirements.

For more information on airless pump bottles and the benefits of using them, contact APG.

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