What packaging trends to expect in 2022?

 Packaging trends seem to constantly be coming and going, so it’s important as manufacturers and designers to keep up with the latest innovation and consumer trends so you’re always providing the best packaging possible.

If you’ve already begun thinking about how you can produce better packaging for your customers in 2022, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the hottest trends that will be hitting the shelves in the coming year that you should know about.

Interactive packaging

With brands always trying to find new ways to improve the customer experience through new and creative means, we may see more interactive elements in packaging in 2022.

This could be as simple as putting a QR code on a bottle for users to scan and share on social media or using technologies like image recognition to bring your packaging designs to life with the use of a mobile phone.

Durable packaging

With an increase in online orders and backlogs with delivery logistics, a lot more customers have complained of their products being tampered with on-route to their homes.

This will lead a lot more companies to explore the possibility of creating packaging that is more difficult to tamper with or damage.

Alternative eco-friendly packaging

Sustainable and eco-friendly isn’t necessarily a trend but is instead becoming the new industry standard. Although eco-friendly packaging is already being manufactured by many companies, in 2022 you can expect to see more innovative and alternative options.

These alternative options could include finding new materials for packaging or using compostable and biodegradable packing in different ways to minimize the environmental impact that your packaging is having.

Returnable packaging

Our final trend we expect to see in 2022 is in response to sustainability initiatives and the increase in online shopping.

More and more customers are looking for ways to minimize the environmental impacts of their online shopping, and one way that companies are able to facilitate this is by offering packaging that is returnable.

For example, creating packaging that can be easily opened by the customer without causing any damage so that it can be returned to your business in good enough condition so that it can be sent out to another customer.

What do you think of these upcoming trends? Will you and your company try and adopt some of these, let us know in the comments!