What does blockchain mean for the beauty packaging industry?

A few years ago, only a very small amount of people would know what blockchain or cryptocurrency is. Fast forward today and it’s started to find uses in many different industries across the world – even the beauty industry.

Blockchain has started to be incorporated into various aspects of the manufacturing process for beauty packaging, with some pretty impressive results that could benefit the whole industry. 

Keep reading to find out more about blockchain and its uses in the beauty packaging industry.

What is blockchain? 

Put simply, blockchain is a system of recording information that allows for secure, decentralized control. 

A chain of information is made up of blocks that contain a number of transactions. Every time a new transaction is made, information on this is available to everyone in the chain. 

How blockchain could benefit the beauty packaging industry 

Although you may have heard blockchain being used mostly for cryptocurrencies, the secure and decentralized nature of the chain means that its uses can be applied to many industries.

Here is how the blockchain platform could benefit the beauty packaging industry: 

1. Validate quality and accuracy of manufacturing 

Through blockchain, packaging manufacturers could connect all the different systems used throughout the process.

Then they could use blockchain to validate the accuracy of their work to ensure customers are always getting the best quality possible.

2. Track materials throughout the manufacturing process 

When utilized effectively, blockchain will ensure that every person involved in the manufacturing process will know where the materials are and the progress of work. 

This will minimize delays, prevent defects and ensure that every member of staff has full control and clarity over the manufacturing process. 

3. Reward customers who recycle used packaging 

Blockchain could have its uses even after the packaging has been produced. By including scannable codes on beauty packaging, brands could offer consumers the chance to get rewards for recycling the packaging once they’ve finished with it.

Rewards could include cryptocurrency through a decentralized app that acts as an incentive for customers to be more eco-friendly and brands to use circular materials.

4. Help manufacturers come up with accurate quotes quicker

Quoting systems can often be long and time-consuming, but with blockchain, all the information needed can be found in an instant to provide extremely fast quotes.

This will help manufacturers secure customers quicker and start producing packaging at a much faster rate.

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