Cosmetics Brands Must Be Sustainable to Succeed with Gen Z Customers, Says APackaging Group

As beauty consumers wise up to greenwashing and false claims, cosmetics brands must be sustainable if they want to appeal to the lucrative Gen-Z market, according to US-based personal care packaging manufacturer, APackaging Group (APG).

These claims from APG come as a recent study from Power Reviews found that 86% of Gen-Z beauty shoppers are more likely to buy sustainable beauty products [1]. These figures are compared to 80% of millennials, 72% of Gen X and just 68% of Boomers.

Gen-Z are a unique generation that cares deeply about current issues, especially climate change and the negative impacts humans cause the environment. Their growing concern of the environment is matched in the beauty products they buy. Gen-Z customers want to buy from brands that align with their own values: sustainability and transparency being amongst the most important.

APackaging Group, known for creating innovative cosmetics packaging – including their award-winning Infinity Pump Series, that features a fully recyclable lotion pump, foamer, trigger, fine-mist sprayer, and airless pump – are keenly aware of the role they play in creating a more sustainable beauty industry.

APackaging Group says, “As a packaging manufacturer, we know that our work can be damaging to the environment. The beauty industry creates as much as 120 billion units of packaging every year, and if these aren’t made in sustainable ways, it’s just exacerbating the already fragile state our climate is in. At APackaging Group, we’re dedicated to finding sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging that are good for our customers, beauty consumers, and the environment.”

As Gen-Z becomes the biggest generation of beauty spenders, it’s becoming even more imperative that cosmetics brands meet their demands and satisfy their needs for sustainability if they want to be successful.

APackaging Group have a wide range of sustainable packaging alternatives that cosmetics companies can order directly from the manufacturer’s website. From eco-friendly bamboo and sugarcane packaging to fully recyclable tubes, APG has made it easier than ever for beauty brands to impress Gen-Z customers and generate higher sales.