Droppers that work for your product

When it comes to products like serums, skin tints, and oils, dropper solutions are the best packaging choice.

Airless droppers are perfect for lightweight products where you want to control the dosage or want to apply to certain areas of your face. At APackaging Group, we have a range of different dropper options but, how do you know which one will be the best for your product?

Why should you use dropper solutions?

Serums are normally very concentrated and highly effective when you use just a few drops of product, so a dropper solution is ideal for getting a precise amount of product every time.

You want every drop to count when it comes to your product, so if you store your serum in the wrong type of packaging, you may be making it harder for your customers to enjoy the great product inside.

It also gives your customer complete control over the amount of product they want to use. Whether they want to use a whole dropper, a few drops, or mix it into another product for a customized alternative, a dropper will give them the power to do this.

Droppers that work for your product

At APackaging Group, our range of droppers include see through bottles and tinted glass options that can fit the product you’re using.

Some products, like Vitamin C, can be affected by the light and would therefore need to be put in a bottle that doesn’t let any light in. Like our Bamboo Glass Dropper Bottle or Matte Black Glass Dropper Bottle.

The other option is choosing a bottle that is see through and allows your customer to see the beautiful product that’s inside. Like our PP/Glass Dropper Bottle or Boston Round Bottle with Metal Dropper.

Packaging should be there to make the use of your product easier for your customers, so it’s important to pick a dropper that will make your customers love using your product every day.

Custom dropper solutions

Although we have a comprehensive selection of stock packaging options that are ready to be shipped, you can also take the bespoke route when it comes to designing your packaging.

Using our custom design service, you can stand out from the crowd and create packaging that is totally unique to your brand and product.

Let us help you to create something special for your newest launch and choose APackaging Group for your custom dropper solution.

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