What is ‘borderless design’ and how can you use it in your cosmetics business

For many cosmetics brands, they aren’t just selling their products to customers in their home countries – everything is on much more a global scale.


Although you may be doing your research into different customer groups and different global requirements, part of your work will include creating packaging that’s able to easily navigate your global customer base.


This is something which is known as ‘borderless design’, which we’ll be discussing in some more detail in this article.


What is borderless design?


Globalization has been around for decades but, it’s been in the past few years that more customers are looking for new ways to explore cultural sharing.


Products, services, and online content now have the power to bring people across the world together and should facilitate this new sharing culture.


Borderless design is an approach that focuses on transcending economic, political or geographic relationships so that your products can perform successfully on a worldwide scale.


How to incorporate borderless design into your cosmetics products

 Your packaging design can tell a story in collaborative ways that blur the boundaries between different cultures and societies to embrace the new borderless design trend

1. Modern craftsmanship

It’s possible to celebrate craftsmanship while bringing it into the modern day. For example using traditional materials and manufacturing techniques while incorporating modern designs, colors, and fonts.

Embracing craftsmen and techniques from around the world will help you to blend in more styles to your work and give your packaging a unique edge.

2. Think on a larger scale

It’s easy to just think about what you would want to see in cosmetics packaging when coming up with your designs but, the whole point of borderless design is thinking beyond your usual style and coming up with something that will work on a much larger scale.

 Rather than just thinking about your own tastes, or the tastes of the customers who buy your products in your own country, think across borders and start to incorporate new styles and experiment with different designs that you think could appeal to even more people.

3. Do your research

When you’re coming up with your next packaging design, it’s important to do your research into the different tastes and styles that are popular in different regions.

With this research, you’ll be able to come up with designs that work for large groups of people and won’t have to worry about accidentally including culturally sensitive motifs, designs etc. on your packaging.

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