The role of packaging in meeting clean beauty standards

According to The Conscious Insider, nearly 1 in 3 beauty products in the United States are labeled as “clean”, and this market is expected to surpass $22 billion by 2024. 40.2% of consumers shopping for personal care products consider the inclusion of natural ingredients in the formula, and 15.8 % are interested in the brand’s use of recyclable packaging.

With the interest in clean beauty clear to see, it’s important that brands looking to succeed in today’s market ensure that their entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible. But what role does packaging play in meeting clean beauty standards?

First point of contact between brand and consumer

When a customer first interacts with your product – whether that’s picking it up off the shelf in the drug store or receiving it as a gift – the packaging will serve as their first point of contact with your brand. As they say, first impressions count, which is why you want to ensure your packaging conveys your commitment to clean beauty. Clean beauty brands will often opt for minimalist and eco-friendly packaging materials, such as glass or recycled plastics, as these help the company to reduce their carbon footprint and indicate to consumers that they’re committed to sustainability.

Packaging ensures the integrity of the formula

Many clean beauty products contain natural ingredients that are sensitive to external factors, such as light and air. The wrong packaging can cause these ingredients to degrade, leaving them ineffective. This, of course, demonstrates how the wrong packaging choice can significantly lower your customer’s enjoyment of your product. Therefore, it’s important for brands to opt for packaging solutions that protect the integrity of a product’s formula. For instance, airless pumps shield the product from external contamination, helping to extend its shelf life.

Sustainable packaging solutions for eco-friendly brands

With over 5.25 trillion pieces of macro and micro plastics in the ocean, it’s vital that companies across multiple sectors are doing all they can to lessen the effect of any waste associated with the use of their products. Clean beauty brands can do their part by using sustainable packaging solutions made from materials such as bamboo or biodegradable plastics. Another option  could be packaging made from fully recyclable components. Alternatively, refillable packaging is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, as it allows individuals to pursue a zero-waste agenda and drastically reduce their own impact on the environment.

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