Why recycling schemes are important to brand loyalty

With more and more shoppers buying from brands that follow sustainable agendas, recycling schemes could be the all important ingredient for companies looking to enhance brand loyalty among their customer base.

One of the pioneers of these types of initiative is LUSH, the natural beauty company. Shoppers are incentivized to bring back their empty pots, with the lure of the reward of a free face mask for every five empty vessels that are returned. Not only does this recycling scheme encourage sustainable practices, it boosts brand loyalty as customers are encouraged to repurchase their favorite products.

If you too are thinking of introducing a recycling scheme for your personal care brand, here’s how they can help enhance brand loyalty:

  • Boost a brand’s green credentials: In a world that’s becoming increasingly threatened by the climate crisis, following green practices is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Introducing a recycling scheme demonstrates a company’s commitment to lessening their carbon footprint, thus boosting their green credentials and encouraging loyalty among eco-conscious consumers.
  • Encourages repeat purchases: As demonstrated by the LUSH recycling scheme, offering a recycling scheme with clear incentives encourages consumers to return to a brand, time after time. Consider offering incentives such as free gifts or loyalty points for every empty container recycled.
  • Differentiation in the marketplace: In the personal care industry, new brands are emerging on a constant basis. Therefore, companies who are looking to stay at the forefront in this ever-competitive environment must embrace opportunities for standing out from the crowd. A recycling scheme can help to achieve this, as it shows a commitment to sustainability, helping you to differentiate yourself from others brands who are less committed to environmentally friendly practices.
  • Engagement and community building: Another benefit of recycling schemes is that they can encourage a sense of community among your customers by providing your brand with the opportunity to further engage with consumers. For instance, you could arrange a recycling campaign, or partner with local organizations to raise awareness about the impact of waste on the environment and the benefits of recycling. This gives customers the opportunity to get involved and feel an increased sense of loyalty towards your brand.
  • Cultivate long-term customer relationships: When consumers actively participate in a brand’s recycling scheme, they tend to feel more involved with the brand and become invested in the brand’s success. By introducing your own recycling initiative, you can, in turn, nurture stronger relationships between your brand and consumers.

Asides from introducing a recycling initiative, brands can lessen their carbon footprint by using sustainable packaging solutions. If you’re a personal care brand who is on the hunt for sustainable packaging, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our packaging specialists.


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