The rise of sustainability in personal care packaging

Sustainability is a topic that is sweeping across all industries, especially the packaging industry.

At APackaging Group, sustainability is something that we’re passionate about, and it’s great to see more companies making it a priority.

In the personal care packaging sector, taking a sustainable approach to packaging can involve an investment in terms of both time and money, but will ultimately add a substantial amount of value to your brand and products.

Here are some of the biggest topics going on in the personal care packaging industry relating to sustainability.

The importance of transparency

Customers are more informed than ever before when it comes to sustainability, so it’s become impossible to play-up or hide your green credentials.

There is more demand for brands to be fully transparent when it comes to all aspects of their products.

Customers want to know if a product’s ingredients came from sustainable sources, plus if the packaging was created in an eco-friendly way.

Whether you display these details on your website, or on the packaging itself, this type of information is extremely important to consumers and may make a big difference in whether they choose to purchase your product or not.

Refillable packaging alternatives

One of the key components of sustainability is getting rid of single-use products and materials.

This has led to a range of packaging suppliers coming up with new and innovative refillable solutions for their products.

From makeup products that have refillable pans, to stick deodorants that can be refilled with product, many products in the personal care industry are now being adjusted to be suitable for multiple use.

Not only is refillable packaging better for the environment, it also results in cost-savings for both the manufacturer and consumer.

The price of refills is much cheaper than the cost of the original product, and also doesn’t require as much manufacturing resources to produce.

Making packaging recyclable

For packaging that can’t be refilled, manufacturers should at least ensure that it can be recycled.

Traditionally, some personal care packaging solutions could only be partly recycled. Many pump products had metal components that were not recyclable, which made things more difficult for the end consumer.

There are now many options — like our airless pumps — that contain no metal components, meaning the whole packaging can be recycled. This makes recycling much easier for the consumer as they no longer must pull things apart, something that many consumers would have been previously put off by doing.

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