Many people think of product packaging as something trivial. But, just like an extension of the product itself, well-designed cosmetic product packaging supplies can build the brand’s awareness, popularity, and trust. It’s about incorporating practical elements to cosmetic packaging that can reach a much wider audience.

After all, the cosmetics industry is highly competitive. According to reports (1), skincare was the leading category in 2020. Accounting for around 42% of the global market. Followed by hair care products, which made up 22%, and makeup accounting for 16%.

Of course, everyone is looking for ways to save some cash when shopping. And we believe having a couple of items at your disposal can do the trick. Particularly when you are interested in buying in bulk, take a look at the things you need to consider when purchasing in bulk.

Personal Care Products – Cosmetic Containers

Why buy six jars and bottles (and in different packages) when you can get a dozen in a single package? This is a practical choice for a business or a small shop that relies on packaging supplies for cosmetics. Many business owners in the health and beauty industry can benefit from a wholesale price.

Buying cosmetic product packaging supplies in bulk allows you to save on money. Some reports show that a 10% bigger package can lead to a roughly 5% decrease in unit price. Then again, not every purchase will offer the exact same discount.

But, for those buying for resale purposes, buying in bulk can be profitable. Purchasing an input product at a wholesale price offers a potentially bigger profit margin on your next sale. When you choose to buy glass containers, cream jars, or airless pumps, you can use wholesale cosmetic to get the desired result. All the while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Why do buying in bulk matter, other than saving money? Many of the products you buy, like cosmetic packaging supplies, dropper bottles, plastic tubes, and so on, cost resources to make. If you buy in bulk, you can eliminate the need for individual packaging, thus decreasing the environmental impact.

Quality and Convenience

In the beauty industry, any factors will influence your sales. Whether you need metal containers, bottles plastic jars, caps, and closures, they must fulfill the user's needs. Consumers will first judge your product based on the overall design. But, after they buy it, the aesthetics will no longer serve as a focal point.

Instead, their entire focus will be shifted towards the quality of their purchase. Your product should provide a positive experience. It has to be easy to use, practical, and memorable. For example, how easy is it to open or squeeze the lotion bottle?

Does the plastic cap offer a smooth experience? How long will it take to clean the messy eyeshadow pallet? The main difference between high-selling labels that offer cosmetic product packaging supplies is the user experience.

Looking where to buy cosmetic packaging? We've been in the wholesale industry for a very long time, and we pay close attention to quality and convenience. Every plastic packaging for cosmetics we offer has the highest standards and keeps the users satisfied with their purchase. Check out our wares and select the type of packaging you need.

Variety and Great Stock

If you decide to start a trading business, purchasing in bulk offers ideal sourcing opportunities. And finding the right packaging supplier comes a long way. Remember, if you buy packaging supplies or skincare packaging in bulk, it doesn't mean you are getting a low-quality product.

On the contrary, each product we provide comes at a reasonable price and features a steady flow of quality. Because of how practical bulk purchases can be, you can use them as a viable catalyst for growth and expanding your wares.

When Is Additional Packaging Necessary?

Are you looking for reliable makeup packaging suppliers? Do you think about buying skincare packaging supplies, but you are not sure when your supplier will use extra packaging? When ordering glass cosmetic, like a glass bottle, you get a fragile product.

This means that the packaging company may need to use some extra materials to tuck the product and keep it from breaking. There are a ton of breakable containers that can crumble under the weight. So, to protect the blue glass bottle you ordered, it is normal for it to use extra cushioning during shipping. Basically, any delicate item you need can be protected.

When you make a small order cosmetic packaging, another thing to consider is the temperature. The outdoor weather can affect the quality of the product. Lets say you want to buy a cosmetic product in the middle of summer. Heat-sensitive items can melt under high temperatures. To minimize the risk of that happening, we will use additional packaging to keep your product safe.

What Materials Are Used for Additional Packaging?

The type of materials used will depend on the type of product you want to buy. Overall, larger products come in bigger boxes. If there is a fragile item ready for transport, then bubble wrap can be used. If the item cant fit into an envelope, then a cardboard box will do the trick.

Countless companies working with cosmetic packaging supplies prefer boxes over envelopes. Thats because the material is better suited for protecting the product. The box should be a bit bigger than the product itself, so that additional packing materials can be inserted. Here is a quick look at these materials.

  • Bubble wrapThis is without a doubt the most popular material used in packaging. It is meant to prevent bouncing and potential damage.
  • Packing tapeTapes can be used to hold a product in place.
  • Foam packagingOften used in high-level protection, this material can protect many items.
  • Void fillIn case of too much empty space inside the box, it is normal to use a void fill to protect the contents.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, buying in bulk has many uses. Whether you need cosmetic packaging or other products, you can purchase them in bulk to save cash and reduce waste. Dont worry about the quality. Even if wholesale products are cheaper, that doesnt mean they dont maintain some high-quality standards. Buying in bulk is a great sourcing opportunity to build your wares. With the right supplier, you can stay on the right track and offer competitive prices to your clients. Plus, you can reduce the number of shopping trips and still have a full stock of the items or consumables you need. Contact APG for a custom order here 🔥🔥🔥