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As a business that transports, stores, and supplies cosmetic products to customers, you need to have a ton of bulk containers for cosmetics at your disposal. And for that, you need a provider for high-quality container packaging that you can rely on right off the bat.

It pays off to know why ordering wholesale to procure each plastic container you need can come a long way. Even if your business needs the occasional send or ship goods, you can use this guide to make sense of the benefits of buying in bulk and select a wholesale packaging supplier that will suit your needs.

Why Should I Buy Wholesale?

In 2018, the entire Beauty & Personal Care (1) industry in the United States generated a revenue of $89.5 billion. By 2020, roughly $1.96 billion came from sales of eye cosmetics, which made it the most profitable segment.

Because of the increase in demand for cosmetic products, there has been a jump in global competition as well. Companies are becoming more creative and innovative—all in an effort to topple the competition.

They provide excellent-quality materials and offer numerous advantages to their potential buyers. If you think you have what it takes to handle the stiff competition, then it’s time you layout your strategies. Many entrepreneurs start small.

Often with an online shop, a couple of products, and an employee or two. But then comes a time when you have to make a leap. Buying wholesale cosmetics containers can be that leap. Take a look at the benefits that come with the territory.


Wholesale suppliers, like us, are here to serve the trade. A company such as yours, can obtain a supply at a higher volume at the cheapest cost. Plus, whichever type of product you select, whether that is containers, plastic jars, or metal tins, a wholesale cosmetic supplier got you covered.

According to experts (2), the wholesale trade makes up around 6% of the U.S. GDP. Wholesale cosmetic sells products in bulk. They offer an array of options like lip gloss, lip balms, and cosmetic cream to their target audience. We offer the products under retail price so that you can make a profit.


Wholesalers specialize in the products or markets they sell, which means that they are well aware of the market in-depth, including the latest innovations. Buying in bulk at trade prices not only does it offers a cost-effective option to source items but ensures that the goods you get are keeping up with the latest cosmetic trends. So, when you make an order, let's say for metal containers, jars cosmetics, or beauty packaging that's ready to ship, you will only obtain practical and trendy goods.

What Makes Buying In Bulk Cheaper?

The cosmetic industry is expanding at a breakneck speed. In other words, there is always time for you to jump on this booming line of business. On the surface, purchasing in bulk seems like a practical way to save some cash. But, is it cheaper? When you purchase huge amounts of containers for cosmetics to create that burgeoning empire, the price for each unit tends to be lower.

The more you order, the less each unit is going to cost you. You can use this opportunity to later create competitive rates for potential customers. Then again, you can buy bulk containers for cosmetics for personal use. It is simply cheaper and convenient when you need a big supply of containers.

What Kind of Impact Can Buying in Bulk Have?

If you sell a product, like beauty makeup to clients through the traditional retail model, market shifts and economic changes will hit hard and fast. So, you need lower prices to stay afloat.

When you buy products in high volume from a wholesale supplier, you can manage your spending. Even if there is a change in latency and customer habits, buying in bulk can still come in handy. The reason for that is relatively simple.

When you sell products to consumers, there is always a chance for change in latency and customer habits. But, since you buy in bulk, you can maintain some level of control over your spending. When buying cosmetic packaging, bottles, and jars in bulk, you purchase the products at a reasonable price range.

This decreases the costs and the handling time involved—the diverse range of products we offer, allowing you to reach a much broader audience. Your wares grow, thus driving interest. With cosmetic containers, glass cosmetics, and plastic cosmetics, you can penetrate the market with good advertising and a solid business strategy.

Many sellers who work with bottle wholesale, like cosmetic bottles and jars containers, typically sell to regular customers. If you get to a point where you can comfortably know how much money you would be making, then you can project your profit margin.

When you buy in bulk, you won’t have a lot on your plate because your spending tends to be fixed. Recently, there has been some interest in cobalt blue. With options like cobalt blue glass containers, you can reach your target audience and build a steady client base.

Of course, for that, you need many wares. Not just blue glass, but also for cosmetic packaging, aluminum bottles, natural plastic, and more. As a wholesale supplier, we can help you build your wares that sell well.

What Makes For a Good Wholesale Price?

When starting a cosmetic business, finding the right price for your packaging products will depend a lot on how much you order and how much of that product is worth to your clients. For example, let’s say you want to buy lotion bottles or rounded jars exclusively to create a branded or high-end product. This will have a distinct set of requirements.

Generally speaking, ordering bulk containers for cosmetics, like glass vials, dropper bottles, and lotion pumps in bigger amounts helps you save some cash. The larger the amount, the better the wholesale price. With white plastic, like plastic bottles, as well as airless bottles, candle jars, and bath salt, the prices are very low.

What About Pitfalls? Won’t They Affect My Business?

No industry is without its flaws. Opening a new store comes with a plethora of challenges. With the beauty industry, they are equally impactful. Take the current pandemic, for example. Some sectors, like the medical supply market experience strong growth. But, other industries definitely felt the economic consequences of COVID-19.

With that in mind, your business needs clear involvement and direction. This is to make sure the company won't quickly go off course. When buying round glass bottles and various bottles jars in bulk, you can get some great deals. Wholesale suppliers will give you prices based on the order quantity you select.

So, proactively look for products that you can sell. Take all the economic factors into account, and don't focus on over-expansion to keep your feet on the ground. The key is to tackle each customer problem with rational thinking and make practical choices. With adequate insurance and disaster planning, you can stay on the right path.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner who focuses on cosmetic jar selling or other similar products, it's a good idea to buy wholesale. From a business big and small, blue-chip companies to individual buyers, anyone can benefit from purchasing containers in bulk. Now that you know the sheer impact, you can find the confidence that you are doing the right thing.

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