How you can incorporate airless packaging into your business

As beauty packaging continues to evolve, many manufacturers – just like us at APackaging Group – are coming up with new, innovative ways to make things more efficient for consumers.

One of the most popular new packaging solutions, that we’re already seeing used across many different beauty products, is airless packaging.

This type of packaging is a far more efficient, user-friendly, and sustainable alternative to many traditional packaging options. 

Here’s why you should think about designing your next packaging solution using airless alternatives.

What is airless packaging?

Airless packaging refers to any type of packaging that doesn’t allow air to come into contact with the product inside while in use.

The most common form of airless packaging comes in pump form, but you can also now find airless jars, tubes, and more. 

This style of packaging works by creating a vacuum that dispenses your product once a certain valve has been activated. 

Airless packaging helps to prevent germs from coming into contact with your formulas, reduces the chance of spills and leaks, creates more user-friendly packaging for customers, and reduces waste as customers can dispense the product from any angle.

Airless packaging uses

Although airless packaging isn’t limited to one certain type of product, it’s most commonly found in the skincare industry.

This is mainly because the fragile ingredients that are found in many skin care products can quickly start to degrade when they come into contact with air. Airless packaging helps to extend the shelf life of products and prevents the need to fill formulas with preservatives.

Airless packaging can also be used in the makeup and body care industries. With airless solutions for everything from mascara wands, and lip gloss tubes, to body lotions and scrubs. Different solutions now include jars, tubes, compacts – and many more. 

Not only is this type of packaging beneficial for brands, but it also helps to provide customers with high-quality, functional, and aesthetic products that they love to display on their shelves or in their bathrooms.

Airless packaging at APackaging Group

At APackaging Group, we’re proud of our range of airless packaging that comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

From pump bottles and massage balls to pump jars and rollerballs, we have a range of packaging solutions that can solve all your needs.

If you want to make your next beauty product launch a success, choose us as your packaging partner.

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