How convenience is being prioritized in personal care packaging

No longer is packaging a visual marketing tool to get people to buy personal care products, but customers are now demanding that it be as convenient as possible.

The convenience packaging trend has been apparent in many different industries, and the personal care industry is leading the way with new innovations.

Because convenience for customers is now one of the key considerations for any packaging manufacturer, here are some examples of how it’s being prioritized in personal care packaging.

Packaging for easier product application

In research from Mintel, 85% of respondents say that they would rather buy personal care items that came in a pump dispenser because it’s easier to dispense products than other formats.

Not only are pump products more hygienic — as you don’t have to dip your fingers into the product, and you can get airless options that keep the formula germ-free — but it also makes application of the product much easier for customers, and results in less mess.

Companies have also started to make application even easier through innovative packaging concepts that combine the product with the application tool

For example, individual Q-tips that contain makeup remover for quick makeup touch-ups. Also, cleansers that have a built-in brush head to massage the product into the skin and cleanse the face.

On-the-go options

Everyone’s lives are getting busier and busier, so personal care brands are starting to introduce products that customers can easily fit in their bags and use on-the-go.

This includes packaging designs that include a mirror for on-the-go touch ups, and hair serums in a mascara-type tube so users can quickly brush on their hair product to tame flyaways and get shiny hair wherever they are.

Dual-chamber packaging

Multi-use products are a common occurrence in the personal care industry, but we’re now seeing brands combine two different products in one packaging concept.

Some packaging designs now contain dual chambers, so in one product customers have two different formulas that fulfil two very different needs.

Most of these designs include two products in their own compartments that are kept totally separate when inside the packaging.

When the pump is pushed down, both products are dispensed through individual internal tubes that combine at the nozzle to be dispensed in one pump.

This innovative method of allowing two products to be applied at once allows for convenient and mess-free application — while also minimizing space in the customer’s shelf space.

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