6 examples of amazing beauty packaging from 2021

Many customers view packaging as one of the most important factors that influence them to buy a product, and brands are taking note.

In 2021, we saw plenty of brands reconsidering their packaging strategies and coming up with new, innovative solutions to attract potential customers.

This rise in new packaging options also comes as the beauty industry becomes more saturated with new brands, making it increasingly hard to make your product stand out on a shelf full of competitors offering similar things.

We’ve rounded up a list of 6 of our favourite packaging examples that we’ve seen beauty brands using in 2021, also explaining how they were so effective in encouraging more customers to purchase the products.

  • Sustainable beauty packaging

Sustainable packaging is a trend that’s been around for a while, but 2021 was the year when brands started to really take it seriously.

More brands than ever are using recyclable packaging, or cutting down on the amount of materials used to make their products.

Whether brands have attempted to go packaging-free by formulating solid shampoos, soaps etc. or just choosing a different material to make their packaging from, every little helps in cutting down on beauty’s impact on the environment.

  • Miniamlist beauty packaging

There is something effortlessly chic about minimalist beauty packaging; nude shades, stripped back branding and simple fonts are often synonymous with high-end products, but now seems to be an industry-wide trend.

Brands like Glossier and newly-launched Rose Inc both have become known for their chic, minimal packaging designs that make their customers display them with pride.

Both brands have a large social media presence, with customers across the world frequently posting the highly aesthetic packaging.

  • Holograhpic packaging

Many makeup brands have proved that you don’t just have to offer minimal packaging to appeal to customers, one trend that was popular over the year was holographic packaging.

Milk Makeup and Glam Glow both used the holographic tactic to sell more products, and it definitely worked.

When placed on shelves next to other products, the striking holographic shades are easy-to-spot and interesting to look at, helping both brands to stand out on the shelves through their eye-catching design.

  • Bright colours

Another interesting and eyectachig trend that we saw a lot of in 2021 was the use of various bright coours to attract attention.

Makeup brands like NARS went down a psychedelic route with their limited edition Chrome Couture Collection which mixed blue and green hues for a totally unique statement. Similarly, Urban Decay used an eyecatching purple, glittery packaging for the latest iteration of their Naked eyeshadow palette.

Not every brand used bright colours in abundance, some went for a more subtle look, mixing two prominent colours in a minimal, yet effective design. A good example of this is skincare brand, Topicals. For their Faded serum, they used a combination of red and pink for an eye-catching and aesthetic design that helped them easily stand out from other similar products.

  • Dual packaging

The next type of packaging that we loved in 2021 was dual packaging; solutions that house two or more products.

Not only is this unique design great for brands who want to cut down on manufacturing costs and materials, but it’s also a practical design for consumers who want compatible foundation and concealer shades in one vehicle, or want multiple steps of their skincare routine, all in one place.

It takes the guesswork out of matching products, and it also helps them to cut down space in their purses or on their shelves – it’s a win-win for everyone.

As consumers look to take a more minimal approach to beauty, and try to be more eco-conscious when it comes to the products they’re buying, we think dual packaging is going to become an even bigger part of 2022.

  • Hygienic packaging

Since the pandemic, we’ve all become a lot more conscious of hygiene, and putting our fingers in tubs and jars of beauty products every day may not be the most ideal thing, so many brands have met this need.

Not only do brands now use things like airless pumps and containers to keep products fresh, but have also started to eliminate the need for our hands and fingers to come in direct contact with our products.

A lot of toners now come in containers that pump the solution straight onto a cotton pad, without having to unscrew a cap and soak the pad. Lip balms now come in tubes that are shaped to be applied directly to the lips.

There are plenty more examples of great beauty packaging solutions that we came across in 2021, so we’re excited to see what’s to come in 2022. What was your favourite beauty packaging of 2021?

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