10 beauty packaging tips from the experts

We know that coming up with packaging can be a journey, especially for new beauty brands.

Coming up with a design that looks good, is functional, and speaks to your target customer can seem like you’re trying to juggle with too many balls.

But, we promise you that beauty packaging design is not as daunting as it seems!

Here are 10 beauty packaging tips that we share with all our customers, that will make your next product planning session a breeze.

  • Define your ideal customer

You want your packaging to be appealing to your customers, but first, you have to decide who these people are.

Are they male, female, young, old, beauty experts, beginners?

  • Think about your brand’s personality

Every brand has a personality and you should showcase this in your packaging. Do you want to come across as young and fun, or sleek and minimal?

  • How are your customers buying your product?

Seeing a product online and seeing it in a shop are two very different things, and you should design your packaging accordingly.

  • Don’t follow the trends, but use them as inspiration

Trends come and go, so don’t pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing. You can use your competitor’s packaging as inspiration, but it’s not all about what’s in fashion.

  • Choose a great manufacturing partner

You may have some amazing ideas, but without a great manufacturing partner, you’ll never be able to bring them to life.

At APackaging Group, we work with a range of beauty clients to bring their packaging to life, and we’d love to help you too!

  • Come up with your own custom font

Finding new ways to make your packaging uniquely yours is always a good idea and one way you can do this is by designing your own custom font.

  • Take the sustainable route More customers than ever are looking for their beauty brands to be more sustainable, so think about the materials you use for your packaging and whether they can be recycled or reused.
  • Prioritise functionality

You could have the most beautiful packaging ever, but if it’s not easy to use, no customers will ever want to buy it.

Never compromise on functionality, focus on getting a product that works really well, and the designs should come second.

  • Don’t be scared to think outside the box

We’ve all seen hundreds of foundation bottles that look the same, so why not think outside the box? In such a saturated beauty industry, it pays to stand out.

  • Test different designs

Don’t expect to settle on your perfect design straight away, it takes time! Work with your manufacturer to produce different samples and test what looks the best.

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