What packaging should you use for your new makeup brand?

Launching a new makeup brand is an extremely exciting time. You might be going through lab samples, dreaming of your launch campaign, and setting up your social media accounts.

But there’s one thing that you shouldn’t leave to the last minute – your packaging.

Packaging is not just something that holds your product, but something that can attract customers, convey your brand’s message, and encourage sales.

If you’re stuck with where to start when it comes to designing your product packaging, here’s everything you should know.

What message do you want your packaging to convey?

The first thing you should think of when designing your packaging is the message you want your designs to convey.

Are you a fun, youthful brand that’s trying to target the Gen-Z market? You might want to choose a design that uses bright colors and bold patterns to attract these consumers.

Are you an ingredient-driven no-makeup-makeup brand? In this case, you should consider keeping your packaging minimal and monochrome.

Whatever type of brand you are, your target customers should be able to identify with your products as soon as they see them on the shelf.

Make it functional

Although designing your packaging is a chance to get creative, you should never let this affect the functionality of your product.

No matter how pretty your packaging is, if your product isn’t easy to use, customers won’t want to buy it.

Use simple, easy-to-use packaging to make your products accessible for everyone.

Custom vs. stock packaging

When it comes to your packaging you have two options: custom packaging and stock.

If you have the time to design your packaging from scratch and want to create something completely unique, you can go down the custom packaging route.

If you’re on a tight deadline and don’t want to spend months finalizing your design, you can choose to pick stock packaging.

Stock packaging designs are pre-manufactured items that you buy and stick your branding on.

This is often much cheaper, and you can quickly get your hands on packaging that you know is going to work – however, it won’t be completely unique to you.

Choosing the right packaging partner

Whatever route you go down, choosing the right packaging partner is important.

APackaging Group is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics packaging and would love to help you with your new brand. Get in touch with one of our experts today.

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