Why Cosmetics Companies Need Sustainable Packaging in Today’s Marketplace

A company’s identity is everything. And packaging is the most visible part of that product’s identity. Packaging should tell the right story about a product and connect it with the right consumer. And today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than ever.

In fact, a study conducted by Unilever in 2017 found that a whopping 33 percent of consumers choose products that they buy based on whether they have an environmental concern. That can mean significant market increase for those who wish to convey a sense of sustainability.


Educated Consumers

Consumers today are very aware of environmental issues and the way their products are affecting the natural world. Particularly with the recent press surrounding the glut of plastics in the environment, consumers are more likely than ever to support brands that are eco friendly. The largest consumer group in the United States today are the millennials and they are driving trends to sustainable consumer goods. That number is growing and gaining more influence.


Europe is Leading the Way

Much of the new environmental movement comes out of Europe with new laws that have set goals on using recycled plastics packaging by 2025. Asia’s share of natural cosmetics lines is rising as consumers are looking for products without synthetic chemicals. As this becomes the global norm, customers will become even more aware of the content packaging and whether it was designed with recycled materials and designed for recyclability and sustainability in mind.


No Longer a Niche Market

Environmentally friendly products and packaging used to be considered a niche market. No more. It has now become a movement with most major brands getting into the game. Now brands are looking for more meaningful ways to align with current and future consumer expectations.


Communicating an Environmentally Conscious Brand

Packaging is the first place that a cosmetics company can communicate that their brand is an environmentally conscious one. Packaging is a first impression that allows a company to stand out from the competition. From primary packaging to secondary packaging for e-commerce, the impact of sustainable packaging is not just good for the earth, it is good for a company’s bottom line.


The Messages of Design and Decor

Eco friendly materials are not the only way that packaging can convey an environmentally friendly message. Package design and decor are also important in the way consumers react to it. Eco friendly packaging is typically appealing, using natural colors with matte finishes. Packaging colors found in nature -- greens, browns, blues -- are a common approach with aesthetics that are simple and minimalist.


What Companies are Looking For

A growing number of cosmetics manufacturers are looking toward eco friendly solutions in their materials and design approaches. When making sustainability a mark of their brand in their packaging, cosmetics companies consider everything from refillables to biodegradables to post-consumer resin products. More cosmetics companies than ever are beginning to look toward ocean plastics for their product packaging.

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