The Biggest Cosmetics Trends Over the Past Year

As with many industries today, the cosmetics and beauty industry thrives on change. Especially considering the ever-changing landscape of social media, this is especially true. Some are here today, gone tomorrow. Here are some we have seen have a more lasting impact over the course of 2019 and probably into 2020.

1. Health Consciousness

With the new interest in clean and natural products, over the past year, we have seen more trends in cosmetics that offer a convergence of health and beauty. With links between inner health and outer health, it’s no wonder that we are seeing more products that keep consistent with a health-conscious message.

Many consumers are now making purchases based on healthful ingredients that are sustainably packaged. This has required more ingredient transparency on the part of the manufacturer.


2. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

We have seen a growing concern over the impact that our lifestyles are having on the environment and this has also infiltrated the cosmetics industry. Consumers are now expecting less harmful production and raw material extraction processes and the reduction of waste in the packaging. Consequently, clean cosmetics products and sustainable packaging are things that are on the radar of today’s consumers.

3. Korean Influence

In our globalized marketplace, cosmetics companies have taken cues from Korea for today’s looks. The trend of K-beauty’s “glass skin” has continued in a big way driven by social media and technique channels on platforms like YouTube.

Consumers are looking for more skin care and make-up options to achieve the luminous moist-look complexion. The heavier foundations and powdered looks of the past few years have been replaced with luminous looks enabled by moisture infused products, tinted moisturisers, hydrating masks, serums and face oils.

4. Cosmetics that Recognize Diversity

Finally, the industry has recognized the vast color pallette and range of human skin tones and has moved toward a more diverse approach to their products. This has opened the door to many independent brands providing products to niche populations as well as supplying formulations that address the special issues of different skin colors. Cosmetics and beauty brands are not just stopping at skin color but also different age ranges, religions and even sizes. But many in the industry feel that there is still much more room for improvement.

5. Independent Brands

Trends have embraced new independent brands to address a more broad set of customer needs. And today’s consumers are looking to spend their money with smaller brands over huge ones, particularly those that are environmentally conscious. These independent brands are beginning to force larger brands to address competition that they didn’t have before and up their game, either with fresh partnerships or through acquisition of independent companies.

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