Why are ergonomic considerations crucial for new packaging designs?

Beyond just looking good on a shelf, packaging that prioritizes ergonomics enhances the user experience, fosters brand loyalty, and addresses practical aspects of using beauty products in your everyday routines.

Here's a deeper dive into why ergonomic considerations are crucial for new packaging designs within the beauty industry.

User-friendly designs that benefit your customers

Ergonomic packaging is inherently user-friendly. For beauty products, this means creating designs that facilitate effortless application.

Whether it's a lipstick, mascara, or skincare product, users should be able to handle and apply the product comfortably. Ergonomically designed packaging considers the natural movements and grip of the human hand, making the application process smoother and more enjoyable.

Enhancing the user experience

Creating more ergonomic products can create a much more positive user experience. When customers interact with a beauty product effortlessly, it contributes to an overall sense of satisfaction.

Ergonomic packaging ensures that opening, closing, and dispensing products feel intuitive, leaving users with a favorable impression of the brand. This positive experience can significantly impact brand loyalty and support every time you launch a new product.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Ergonomic packaging embraces accessibility and inclusivity that are reflective of a range of beauty customers.

Not all customers have the same physical abilities, and ergonomic designs consider a diverse range of users.

Packaging that is easy to open, close, and manipulate accommodates individuals with varying levels of dexterity, ensuring that beauty products are accessible to a broader audience. It’s something that we’ve seen particularly in Rare Beauty, who are open about how their products are designed to cater for people with poor dexterity, and we think it will become the norm across the industry soon enough.

Practicality in storage and travel

Ergonomic considerations don’t just apply to the actual application of products, you also have to think about how practical your packaging is when it’s being stored or being transported.

Packaging that is compact, stackable, and leak-proof is much more convenient, especially when you’re on the go.

Whether it's a foundation tube or a skincare bottle, ergonomically designed packaging ensures that products fit seamlessly into various lifestyle scenarios.

Ergonomic designs focus on sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a hot topic in the beauty industry, and designing more ergonomic packaging can help your brand get closer to your sustainability.

Streamlining designs to be more efficient in material usage, reducing unnecessary components, and optimizing packaging for transport show that you care about the environment, which will impress eco-conscious customers.

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