Why beauty brands should follow the Mintel global consumer trends for 2022

Trends come and go all the time, but that doesn’t always mean that every beauty brand has to follow them.

One of the leading market research organizations, Mintel, releases its global consumer trends every year. Although this isn’t something that you need to follow, it’s a good indicator of consumer habits and trends that you can use in your own brand.

Here are some of the consumer trends for 2022 and why beauty brands might want to incorporate them.

  1. Educate your consumers

It’s now become easier than ever for beauty consumers to find information online, so more people are starting to research different products, ingredients and reviews.

Consumers are wising up to things like natural ingredients, suspicious marketing claims and greenwashing so it’s important for brands to provide as much information as they can.

Brands should be upfront and provide customers with the information they need. It’s also become more important to find creative ways to share information, especially in stores when you’re battling for the customer’s attention among your competitors.

  1. Beauty with heart

The beauty products you buy are no longer just items you put on your face, you’re buying into a brand – and consumers are aware of this.

Beauty consumers now want to buy from brands that align with their own beliefs. Brands need to be more transparent about their ethics, be vocal on topical issues, and be open about their business.

It’s not enough to say you’re sustainable, customers now want you to prove it and show commitment to the causes you say you support.

  1. New and exciting products are the future

Customers in all industries want to break out of their confines, try new things and experiment with their appearance – modern beauty products should facilitate this.

Be creative when it comes to how your customers engage with your products, come up with unique bespoke packaging that’s enjoyable to use, and embrace novel experiences.

  1. Personalized beauty is a big business

Especially in the beauty industry, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. Consumers want to feel like their beauty products were made especially for them, which has seen a rise in personalized beauty products.

There are now brands that will formulate products based on your skin type, hair type, or color preferences so you can treat your specific beauty needs.