Exploring new technologies and innovations for personal care product packaging
When it comes to personal care products, the packaging is almost as important as the product itself. Without high-quality packaging, the integrity of the enclosed formula is at risk. This means that product manufacturers work tirelessly to create innovative product packaging. Informing their processes is, of course, evolving consumer preferences.

Shifts in consumer preferences are leading to fresh, new demands for product packaging, which is shaping innovations in the personal care product packaging industry. Wondering what these innovations are? Let’s find out: 

    •    A call for sustainable solutions: Nowadays, the average consumer is more concerned with the environment than ever before. This means that there’s an increased demand for sustainable packaging. From bamboo and sugarcane to glass, brands can now choose from a wide range of biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging solutions. By opting for a more eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic, companies can enhance their green credentials and improve their brand image.

Another innovation that’s worth noting in the sustainable packaging arena is refillable packaging. Refillable jars are crafted with longevity in mind so that the consumer can refill their favorite products without worrying about the structural integrity of the container.

    •    Integration of technology: In recent years, technology has advanced at an unbelievably rapid pace. Now, it permeates almost every aspect of our lives, offering unparalleled convenience. When it comes to packaging, technology can be integrated to provide the end customer with perks. For instance, QR codes can be incorporated in packaging design, and these can be used to access additional product information, usage instructions, or even virtual try-ons for cosmetic items.

    •    Fully recyclable plastic packaging: Traditionally, many issues have arisen with regard to recycling plastic packaging. There are seven types of plastic, and their recyclability can differ considerably. Packaging manufacturers, therefore, have worked hard to innovate and develop plastic packaging that’s 100% recyclable. Here at APG, our Infinity Pump Series is our answer to fully-recyclable plastic packaging. Constructed without the use of metal parts, it doesn’t even have to be disassembled before the recycling process begins.
Here at APG, we’re on a mission to develop and manufacture cutting-edge packaging solutions. For almost 20 years, we’ve led the way in creating market-leading solutions. If you’re a brand operating in the personal care sector, and you’re on the hunt for packaging that will elevate your products above the rest, then don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your unique needs with a member of our team.
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