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It might feel like virtually every article you click on these days references Coronavirus in its first few sentences. And this blog post is no different! If we’re looking at the beauty packaging trends that we’re expecting to make a splash in 2023, it would be impossible to do so without taking into account the impact the global pandemic has had on the industry and on consumer appetite.

The pandemic made us reconsider the way we view science (thanks to the vaccine) as well as our surroundings. Many of us found a new found appreciation for nature when there was little to no entertainment to be had during lockdown apart from going for walks, hikes or bike rides.

And let’s not forget movements such as Black Lives Matter and an increasing awareness of inclusion for marginalized communities such as transgender or gender fluid folk.

All of this has parlayed into a greater focus on packaging that reflects the concepts of science, nature, health, sustainability, and social justice.

Eco-friendly beauty packaging 

These themes are increasingly being adopted by beauty product manufacturers, but packaging needs to reflect this too.

Consumers are demanding products that are packaged with as little waste as possible. Refillability and recycling are the way forward. Packaging needs to be sustainable and environmentally friendly - think glass, bamboo, post consumer resin and even paper.

Minimalist beauty packaging 

One of the trends tipped for a huge surge in popularity in 2023 is ‘skinimalism’ - the idea that  skincare and cosmetics should take a minimalist approach.

Beauty products that adhere to the ethos of skinimalism don’t want showy, colorful or over the top packaging. To encapsulate a brand’s lean towards a simplified skincare or beauty regime, packaging needs to be clean, sleek and chic. 

It’s all about simplicity both in ingredients and packaging, as well as in the marketing of the product or line.

Gender neutral beauty packaging

Returning to the idea of inclusivity, gender neutral beauty packaging is going to have a moment in 2023. After all, do we really need different versions of the same product for different genders? 

Of course, products that are formulated for different skin or hair types are necessary, but bottling up two different versions of the same moisturizer or shampoo, with one in black and gray packaging and the other in pink or white seems somewhat redundant these days.

There are a number of exciting beauty packaging trends ahead and we’re looking forward to working with our customers to see how they embrace them.

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