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As a manufacturer you need to make sure that your beauty and/or skincare products are sold in packaging that protects your merchandise under any environmental condition. After all, this is crucial if you want them to work and look their best for your consumers. Which of course you do.

And that’s where the right packaging comes in.

It can be difficult to know what packaging is going to appeal to what market when your customers are global. 

But one thing is sure and that is whether they are in snowy North America or subtropical South East Asia, the physical design of those tubes and jars needs to ensure that your consumer is able to purchase a product that is exactly the same as when it left your distribution center.

What type of packaging protects beauty products?

At APG we often recommend our range of airless packaging to clients who want to make sure that weather is not an issue when they’re shipping their products to retailers or etailers. 

Airless packaging is a form of packaging or dispensing system that eliminates air and doesn’t allow it to come into contact with the product. 

Most packaging with airless technology comes in a pump format, however it can also be used in tubes and jars. The other big benefit is that airless packaging can be used for both cosmetics and skincare.

How does airless technology work?

Beauty packaging that uses airless technology works by using a concept called environmental pressure. This creates a vacuum that dispenses the product, which is sitting on a disc, via the intake of air caused by a miniscule hole in the base of the container. 

How can airless packaging protect products against the weather?

Airless packaging has a number of benefits that add value for the consumer. The biggest of which is extended shelf life to the product because the packaging’s design stops the product from coming into contact with air.

This means that there is a reduced risk of oxidation to the product, as well as a reduction in contamination from the consumer.

In addition to this, airless packaging also prevents products from evaporating and losing their fragrance (if any) due to hot and humid weather. 

This makes it especially suitable for products that are susceptible to oxidization such as those that include vitamins, antioxidants and plant extracts. Airless packaging is also particularly suited to packaging for retinol-based serums and products that contain costly active ingredients.

If you’d like to know more about protecting your beauty products from all kinds of weather, get in touch with us today.


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