5 places to find inspiration for your beauty packaging designs
The first thing that a consumer will see when they purchase one of your products is the packaging. With such a vast number of competitors in the beauty industry, manufacturers should also strive to house their products in packaging that makes them stand out from the rest. No matter how well your foundation blends, or how vibrant your eyeshadow colors are, if the packaging is unappealing, the product will undersell.

However, the design shouldn’t just look aesthetically pleasing, it should also be practical to use and protect the integrity of the product. To help you find inspiration when designing beauty packaging that packs a punch, we’ve put together a selection of our top tips.

• Research beauty trends
When it comes to designing beauty packaging that appeals to the consumer, it helps to know what’s on trend. For example, more and more consumers are attracted to businesses that promote sustainability. In order to capitalize on this, you might want to consider opting for sustainable packaging.

• Borrow ideas from popular brands
By taking a look at popular make-up brands, such as Fenty or Glossier, it’s clear to see that minimalist packaging is à la mode. Subdued colors and bold sans serif fonts are popular with consumers. When it comes to designing beauty packaging, it’s a simple case of less is more.

• A touch of luxury
If your target audience are those who are more affluent than the average consumer, you will want to customize your packaging to reflect this. Brands such as Le Labo, Byredo, and Crocus Collector use packaging that promotes sentiments of allure and luxury. The latter, Crocus Collector, uses matte black packaging and gold letter foiling, which gives a sleek and elegant finish.

• Consistency is key
A quick look at the product catalogues of top brands will reveal that their packaging is consistent across their range. In order for your brand name to stick in people’s mind, you must keep your packaging choices steady and coherent. This will help to build up your brand image and make you easily recognizable amongst competitors.

• Consider the finer details
The rise of social media has made trends such as unboxing videos a popular watch for beauty lovers. Give your products an edge by making them stand out with premium packaging. Consider including elements such as branded tissue paper, or high-quality gift boxes. These small details will entice consumers and bestow your brand with a touch of luxury.

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