Why is the packaging of your household products so important?
When it comes to choosing packaging for household products, there’s more than just the aesthetic appeal to take into consideration. During the process of choosing the right packaging, it’s important to take a variety of factors into account.
For one, given the chemical make-up of household products, the packaging should be designed in a way that makes it safe to use, while also protecting the integrity of the formula. To make sure you have all bases covered, we’ve highlighted the various reasons why it’s crucial to choose the right packaging.

    •    Product protection
When choosing the packaging, consider the humidity, light, and heat that the product will be exposed to, as the most important purpose of packaging is that it protects the product. It must stay intact throughout the various stages of the supply chain; from the moment it’s made until the moment it’s sold to the end consumer. Intelligent packaging should provide adequate protection, without having to make excessive use of materials.

    •    Safe to use
Many household products include chemicals that can cause irritation if they come into contact with the user. Make sure that you include product information on the packaging, such as whether it’s toxic when ingested. Additionally, for dangerous, you may want to consider using a container with a child-resistant cap.

    •    Consider usability
Consumers are unlikely to repurchase a product that was difficult to use, therefore designing an appealing household product means that you must consider its usability. The opening and closing of the product should be intuitive, it should be easily recyclable, and easy to store. For example, spray bottles that are well designed should allow for an even dispersion of your product.

    •    Sustainability matters
An increasing number of consumers are concerned by the green credentials of the brands the shop with. In order to appeal to this growing demographic, make sure to choose packaging that’s sustainable. Consider re-fillable packaging, or packaging that’s made from recycled plastics.

    •    Stand out from competitors
When choosing your packaging, it’s important that it stands out from competitors. In order to attract consumers to your product, it should differentiate itself from other products on the shelf. Make it eye-catching by paying attention to the use of fonts, patterns, and colors.

If you would like further guidance on choosing the right packaging for your products, or you’d like to discuss your packaging needs with an expert, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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