Incorporating multi-functional packaging for customers who like to multi-task
In such a fast-paced society, it’s no surprise that hardworking individuals are constantly on the lookout for ways to optimise their time. One way the beauty industry can help is by offering beauty and skincare packages that contain more than one product.

For those who are always on the go – moving between meetings or hitting the gym – multi-functioning items are convenient, space-saving alternatives to multiple products.

What are the main benefits of multi-functional packaging?

One of the most significant benefits of multi-tasking products is that they are more versatile and compact. Rather than having to purchase multiple products, multi-functional packaging allows consumers to achieve more with just one item. An added bonus is that make-up bags become more streamlined as a result.

Products housed in multi-functional packaging include eyeshadow pallets, double-sided lip gloss applicators, and compact cases that can accommodate a bronzer and blusher alongside one another. Options such as these have proved appealing to end-customers by providing them with an opportunity to create different make-up looks with just one item.

Offering more than one skincare product, such as a serum and a moisturiser, in one package helps consumers save time in the morning by reducing the effort required for beauty routines. This is because they’re not required to match formulas, as that work has already been done for them.

Multi-functioning products take out the guesswork for those who struggle to pair colours for make-up looks. For example, a collection of natural-coloured eyeshadows that have been included in the same set for use together helps those who are in a rush to easily apply their make-up in no time, with little effort required.

Multi-functioning products benefit businesses as well as consumers. Customers are awarded a more efficient product, while brands can expose customers to more than one product at once.

That being said, brands must be careful to ensure that their multi-functioning packaging of choice is compatible with their manufacturing processes. Another point worth considering is that filling the packaging might take longer than filling a package with a single product, which means an increase in production time. However, the additional value that multi-functioning products bring customers makes the longer production time worth it. 

Choosing products in multi-functional packaging is also a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly investment. Of course, buying one single item, rather than multiple items, is a more sustainable choice, as it reduces overall waste.

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