5 eco-friendly packaging trends in 2023
In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the environmental impact of packaging waste. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, they are looking to purchase products from companies that show a commitment to following a sustainability agenda, which includes the use of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Industries across the board have taken note of this trend and are making efforts to use more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials. In this article, we will explore some of the sustainable packaging trends that we expect to see in 2023:

    •    Glass over plastic: One of the most popular sustainable packaging materials is glass. A sustainable and infinitely recyclable material, glass is perfect for products like skincare and cosmetics. Glass packaging is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can leach into the product. It is also impermeable, which means it provides a strong barrier against air, moisture, and other environmental factors that can affect the integrity of the product.

    •    Aluminum is on the rise: Another eco-friendly packaging material that is gaining popularity is aluminum. Lightweight and can be easily recycled, aluminum is an ideal material for products like deodorant, sunscreen, and lip balm. It is also a great choice for products that require a long shelf life because it provides a strong barrier against air and light.

    •    Not just for pandas: Bamboo is another eco-friendly packaging material that is making its way into the skincare and cosmetics industry. It is a sustainable and renewable resource that grows quickly and requires little water, and it’s also biodegradable, which means it can be easily composted at the end of its life cycle. Bamboo packaging is lightweight, durable, and has a natural aesthetic that appeals to many consumers, especially those who like clean beauty brands.

    •    Fully-recyclable plastics: There are also a number of sustainable packaging innovations that are being developed which is fully recyclable, such as our new Infinity Pump series. This series of patented pumps are fully recyclable, therefore there is no need to disassemble them when they are no longer of use.

    •    Say goodbye to single-use: Refillable packaging is another trend that is gaining popularity in the skincare and cosmetics industry. This type of packaging allows consumers to purchase products in reusable containers and then refill those containers when they run out, therefore reducing the amount of waste that is generated by single-use packaging and encouraging consumers to be more environmentally conscious.

If you’re looking to make the switch to more sustainable packaging options, get in touch with one of our packaging specialists to discuss your requirements.

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