5 Advancements and Marketing Trends in the Beauty Industry
With a focus on meeting the consumer’s needs, the beauty industry is leveraging digital innovations to customize and personalize different beauty tools. While the industry is always searching for newer, more innovative products, new packaging materials and trends are generating ideas for new products in the global marketplace. Currently, we see that global beauty industry trends tend to vary a bit by country. For example:

  • In Germany, they take a more pragmatic outlook and search for natural beauty practices and products.
  • In Italy, the focus is on green, sustainable beauty products.
  • In Japan, it’s a blend of efficiency, high-tech, and tradition.
  • In the UK, they tend to follow what social media platforms dictate.
  • In the US, the emphasis is on Hollywood’s definition of “perfect skin”.

On a global scale, a trend in the industry is the men’s market. As of 2018, men’s global skincare sales had grown to nearly $4 billion. However, this was a fraction of the men’s grooming market sales of slightly less than $35 billion. Despite a slowdown in men’s skincare sales in the Western marketplace, the market in Asia grew by double digits. As per the forecast, beauty trends in the men’s skin care market are going to show progress in the coming years.

Purpose and Function

The primary purpose and function of cosmetic packaging is to contain the product while keeping it and preventing it from exposure to its surrounding environment. Second, the packaging must protect and prevent damage to the product. Finally, the packaging must now consider anti-counterfeiting, branding, and distribution. The reality is that a product’s packaging can have a huge impact on its success in the marketplace. Consequently, we are seeing the following marketing trends in the beauty industry:

  • Beauty tools – first we saw the evolution of cosmetics brushes and now we have a partnership of numerous beauty tools
  • Combinations of form and function – packaging that’s a combination of appearance or form and function
  • Crossover ideas – packaging from foods, pharmaceuticals, and other different fields can deliver systems that could be used in the beauty industry
  • Digital era impact – for the past 10 to 15 years of the digital era, we’ve integrated our daily lives with the internet which has simplified our access to the global marketplace made prices more affordable
  • New movements or trends – a different mentality among marketers now exists in the beauty industry such as nail art involving new colors and textures of nail polish

These more recent innovations in the beauty industry have helped create an ideal world for the end user. Better cosmetic packaging, innovative designs and quality products have enhanced the demand. However, efficiency shouldn’t be neglected or overlooked when these products are represented in the global marketplace.

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