Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Cosmetic Businesses should avoid

When used properly, any cosmetic business can attract and develop lifelong customers with SMM or social media marketing. However, when done improperly, the number of customers you lose will outweigh the number of those you gain. It’s unfortunate, but many cosmetic brands today are struggling to get the desired results that they had hoped to achieve because they aren’t leveraging these different social media platforms correctly.

How You benefit from Implementing a strategic SMM Campaign

Social media marketing has the potential to be a tremendous asset for thousands of businesses, non-profits, and organizations. With the right SMM campaign you can:
  • connect and interact with a targeted group of consumers continually
  • develop engaged, loyal followers
  • reach new users

Most importantly, there’s no learning curve to worry about, you can start when you’re ready, and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.

What are the Pitfalls You need to avoid?

Obviously, there are numerous cosmetic brands that have found unique ways to derail their SMM campaign strategy because they “stepped outside the box”, failed to proofread what they wrote, and insulted their customers. Yet they persist in making these mistakes time and again. So, what are these mistakes? Here are 5 that we see occurring on an all too regular basis:

  • Failure to use original visuals – granted there’s always a place and time for sharing content on your social media pages. However, relying entirely on your content without creating original images and videos is a huge mistake.
  • Lacking a complete profile – it’s such a travesty to see a brand struggling because their profiles aren’t completed or optimized. This is one of the more common mistakes that need to be avoided.
  • No regular engagement with your target audience – the key to SMM is in the name – it’s social. This is the key to its effectiveness and power as a marketing tool. Try to think of it as a relationship developing tool and not a sales platform.
  • Not optimizing your posts for each social media platform that you use – the type of content posted on Facebook should be very different from what you’re posting on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Using only one kind or type of image – sticking to only one visual, such as a photo that was done professionally will hurt your business. Your target audience is looking for diverse content that interests them and holds their attention.

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