Trends in Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the beauty and cosmetics industries where corporate practices and packaging are concerned. As the year 2025 grows ever closer, environmental concerns shared by consumers and many governments are driving the issue. Various brands, industries, manufacturers, and retailers have announced their intentions to expand their efforts to protect the Earth.

The beauty and cosmetics industries have encountered significant difficulties when trying to secure quantities of higher quality sustainable materials over the past few years. Consequently, L’Oreal and Loop industries signed a multi-year agreement to purchase PET resin manufactured from 100% recycled materials in order to satisfy its packaging needs over the next several years.

Rising Interests surpassing Trends

Sustainable packaging has surpassed the notion of being a beauty and cosmetics industries trend several years ago. However, despite the fact that many companies are making sustainability claims, they’re still in the minority. By far, the concerns regarding primary packaging are being overridden by eco-responsible secondary packaging. But, the more innovative suppliers in the global marketplace have ramped things up and are introducing new formats and materials while maintaining their focus on the “3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

No One-Size-fits-All Solution

From air-tight packaging of sensitive formulas, to premium bottles of deluxe perfumes, and cost-effectiveness to speed-to-market considerations, the development of fully sustainable packaging has been a daunting task. Consequently, many companies have found that a step-by-step approach is the best course of action to pursue. Many beauty and cosmetic CEO’s have taken the stance of being as sustainable as possible as soon as they can or at least in the very near future.

Suppliers have spoken

Most beauty and cosmetic industry suppliers are in agreement about the importance of sustainable packaging. This is driven, in large part, by the consumer. As a result, many brands have become increasing anxious about following suit. These days, the term “sustainability” is one of the first words spoken by consumers. Furthermore, it’s become the primary topic discussed in client meetings. This is being driven by consumers who are putting pressure on brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many Brands are getting serious

With advances in eco-friendly packaging, most of the cosmetic brands strive to leave a positive impact by better design, renewable energy and finding ways to replenish the used resources. Increasingly more brands have gotten serious about sustainable packaging. Many are making commitments to sustainability goals. The trend has been driven by consumers who’ve become increasingly more conscious about how their purchases are making an impact on the environment. In many instances, consumers are exposing certain brands for over packing or more specifically, unnecessary packaging.

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