Why premium beauty brands opt for heavy and thick-walled glass cosmetic containers
For premium beauty brands, making the right packaging choice is vital. A product that contains superior ingredients, such as caviar, gold, or diamond, should be packaged using a material that reflects the quality of the formula inside. This is where heavy and thick-walled glass cosmetic containers come into play. Deluxe feeling and weighty, these packaging materials exude luxury. But besides the aesthetic appeal, why do high-end beauty brands opt for glass jars and bottles? In this article, we’re going to delve into the reasons behind the appeal:

    •    Glass ensures the stability of formulations: As a container, glass is an optimum choice for cosmetics, as it’s almost entirely inert. This means it won’t react with the product inside, causing it to change properties or lose effectiveness.

    •    Glass is impermeable: When customers are paying a substantial amount of money for a high-end product, the product’s shelf-life mustn’t be compromised. Glass is an effective barrier against outside elements, such as gases and moisture, which can reduce the shelf-life of cosmetics and reduce the efficacy of the product.

    •    Glass packaging is a sustainable option: For beauty brands across the board, and particularly for premium brands, presenting a positive image is vital for success. To succeed in a society that’s increasingly concerned by the effects of climate change, it’s crucial for high-end companies to be seen to be pursuing a sustainable agenda.

With the amount of plastic in the ocean mounting at an alarming rate, an alternative packaging material is required. As a solution, glass is a great choice for high-end brands, as it’s infinitely recyclable. Glass is also made using natural resources rather than chemicals, which adds to its appeal. Therefore, brands using glass to package their cosmetics will reduce their environmental impact, thereby appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

    •    Glass is customizable: In order for brands to stand out from competitors, their packaging must be eye-catching. Glass bottles and jars can be easily customized, using methods such as embossing and heat transfer. Additionally, product manufacturers can opt for a matte finish, which adds a textural appeal while reducing the appearance of finger marks.

Here at APG, we have a wide range of glass packaging solutions designed to meet the needs of premium beauty brands. From glass bottles and jars to dropper bottles, we can provide you with packaging that will appeal to your target demographic. To discuss your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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