How to balance aesthetics and functionality in cosmetic packaging design
When it comes to designing the perfect product, it’s important that manufacturers consider every element of the product design. Two elements that are often pitted against each other are aesthetic and functionality. However, it is possible for the two to work together in harmony, and come together to create a product that is as beautiful as it is functional. Here’s are some points to consider:

    •    Attract your customers’ attention: Your choice of packaging has a purpose beyond being a container for housing your product. It also needs to attract the attention of your target markets. This is where aesthetics come into play. Make sure your packaging design is eye-catching, so that it provides the functional benefits of drawing your customers’ eyes away from competitor products and towards yours.

    •    Effectively communicate your brand: Another function of your product packaging is that it should communicate your brand values and identity. The consistent use of brand colors, logos, and other assets across all your product packaging can help to make your brand more recognizable, and encourage brand loyalty.

    •    Prioritize user experience: When your customer purchases something from your brand, you want to ensure that their interactions with the product are optimal, so that they return to make a repeat purchase. This means the packaging for your product needs to be user friendly. Consider things such as ergonomics and ease-of-use. For instance, a dropper bottle is appealing to look at, whilst also facilitating the application of the right amount of product.

    •    Consider sustainable materials: In this day and age, with the climate crisis worsening, more and more consumers are drawn to brands that prioritize reducing their impact on the environment. Therefore, environmentally-friendly materials, such as bamboo and 100% recyclable plastic, would appeal to an eco-conscious customer. Therefore, not only do sustainable materials have the function of improving your brand image, but their clean and natural look make for a beautiful product.

    •    Use color intentionally: Color psychology, which is the study of the ability of colors to affect perception, is highly applicable with regards to product marketing. When it comes to packaging, the choice of color used can have a big impact on how customers perceive your product. For instance, the color orange connotes confidence, success, and bravery, while the color blue connotes peace and tranquility. Therefore, the latter would be well suited for a relaxation bath product, as the choice of color intimates a sense of calm and serenity.

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