What Types of Skincare Packaging Work Best for Your Product?

Choosing the right packaging for your new skincare product is a very important decision to make.


You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the formula, so now it’s time to make sure the packaging is equally as perfect.


At APG, we can help you find the most suitable packaging for your product by offering a range of sustainable and effective options.


Here are the different types of skincare packaging that we offer:

  • Pump bottles - suitable for lotions and creams
  • Plastic bottles - suitable for lotions
  • Glass bottles - suitable for lotions
  • Closures - suitable for thin toners and liquids
  • Droppers - suitable for serums and oils
  • Jars - suitable for thick creams and lotions
  • Collapsible tubes - suitable for pastes and balms
  • Compacts - suitable for powders and balms
  • Sprayers - suitable for mists and water-based products
  • Lip gloss containers - suitable for lip balms and lip oils


How to choose the right packaging for your product

Every skincare product is unique so it’s important that you choose the best packaging for your formula.


You should make sure that you choose a packaging option that is easy for the customer to use and dispense product from. As an example, you wouldn’t want to choose a jar for oil-based products, and you wouldn’t want to put lotions into a spray bottle.


You may also need to consider how the ingredients you use in your products could affect your packaging choices. Some ingredients, like Vitamin C, are not stable enough to be in plastic packaging so you may have to pay more to use tinted glass packaging options.


There are 2 other variables that you may need to consider when choosing the right packaging for your skincare product

  1. Weight: If you want to reduce shipping costs, it may be better to use plastic packaging rather than glass. However, glass packaging may be more appropriate for luxury, high-cost skincare products.
  2. Cost: If you choose to completely customize your packaging it will work out a lot more expensive than our stock packaging options, but will make your product more unique and identifiable on the shelf


Let us help you with your packaging

If you’d like more information about how we can help you produce the perfect packaging for your skincare product, get in touch with one of our packaging experts today
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