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Beauty packaging is an extremely exciting space to be in, especially when more brands are starting to push the boundaries and coming up with innovative solutions to meet changing customer demands.

Brands no longer have to follow traditional designs and concepts but instead have more free reign to come up with unique packaging that will impress current customers and attract new ones.

Here are some of the biggest beauty packaging designs that are inspiring the next-generation products.

Bright, bold colors

In the past couple of years, we saw more brands taking the minimal route when it came to their packaging designs.

With lots of white packaging, minimal designs, and laidback fonts, there weren’t too many brands that were trying to catch customers’ attention with eye-catching designs.

Now, we’re starting to see the emergence of brands breaking out of the minimal mold and instead opting for fun, playful designs – which also plays into a current beauty trend of bright eyeshadows, bold eyeliner designs, and bright lipsticks.

Airless packaging

Airless packaging has been growing in popularity for a while, but it’s starting to become more of the ‘norm’ for brands who want eco-friendly, sanitary, user-friendly packaging.

This type of packaging is extremely functional; helping to protect the actual product by preventing any bacteria from getting in contact with it, which aids with the preservation process.

It also means that no product is wasted and that the entire packaging can be recycled after use as, at APackaing Group, our airless packaging contains no metal construction.

Flexible packaging

Now that we’re all back at work and living our lives somewhat normally, we can’t be dealing with big, bulky packaging.

As an answer to this, we’re seeing an increase in flexible packaging designs that utilize pliable materials which can easily fit into purses, makeup bags, or travel suitcases.

While the material remains lightweight and durable, they are a great option for liquids, gels, oils, etc. that can be typically harder to store.

Not only does flexible packaging make it easier to store, but it also becomes easier for customers to squeeze out every last drop of their product, rather than trying to scrape the bottom of a rigid container.

Final thoughts

Over the next few months, we’re going to see some big changes in beauty packaging. From bright, bold designs and interesting airless concepts, the consumer-driven direction of the industry is sure to take us on some exciting turns.

If you want to bring your packaging designs up to the modern day, get in touch with APG today.

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