The 4 Qualities that all Cosmetic Packaging should have

It’s no secret that product packaging is paramount, especially when discussing beauty products and cosmetics. The right cosmetics packaging not only grabs the consumer’s attention, it tells your brand’s story and lets them know the quality and style of your products. This is especially true when you consider that beauty products and cosmetics are a female-driven industry.

The Importance

Why is this important? Because female buyers are the most emotional of the two genders and a fantastic packaging design appeals to their hearts and drives their desire to purchase a certain product over another one. Aside from the quality of a particular cosmetics product, the packaging plays a very significant role in getting the consumer to purchase it as well as recommend it to family members and friends. A well-liked packaging can help to market it better than a very good product packed in an unattractive cosmetic packaging.

Thus, in the cosmetics industry, what are the best qualities that all packaging should have? Here is our definitive list:

Advanced printing techniques – the display and production of sophisticated designs and patterns rely on advanced printing techniques. No matter how fabulous you claim your product is, it will appear to be useless without this key feature. Keep in mind that brand and product marketing are aligned with advanced printing techniques. As a result, realistic yet sophisticated packaging is preferred.

Customizable – premium shoppers or consumers who spend $200 per month or more on beauty products and cosmetics attach more importance to the packaging design and feel that it makes the product more valuable. Furthermore, nearly 40% of this consumer group have posted photos of customized cosmetic packaging on different social media platforms. Furthermore, customizable packaging provides the consumer with the first impression of your product.

Sustainability – cosmetic product packaging should emphasize its use of recycled materials and how it meets sustainability demands. With millennial females aged 21 to 34 being the primary consumer of beauty and cosmetic products, more attention is being paid to the environment. Consequently, they expect these options to benefit the planet as well as themselves.

Versatility – when it comes to cosmetic packaging, versatility is another key factor to contend with. After all, a products packaging must also protect what’s inside. Nearly 80% of all cosmetics consumers feel that protection of the product should be an essential quality of its packaging. Additionally, 15% of cosmetics consumers contend that damaged packaging is one of the more annoying aspects of cosmetic products that they’ve purchased online.

To learn more about cosmetic product packaging and how it can highlight your products and grab the consumer’s attention, contact APG today. We have a ide range of different packaging designs and bottles for your cosmetic products.

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