A Basic Guide to Priming Your Cosmetics Packaging Design

With any cosmetic product today, the packaging is what usually grabs the attention of the consumer before anything else. If that packaging tells them that this is the product they’ve been looking for, it increases the chances of them taking it home to try it. If it doesn’t, it’s just going to sit on that shelf and collect dust. So how do you create a packaging design that is so unique and attention grabbing that it makes the consumer think “I needed this product yesterday.”

First Things First

Before you actually start creating your cosmetics packaging design, there are 3 aspects you need to define as follows:

Define the personality of your brand – your cosmetics brand and its personality are what you want the consumer to see. This will help you determine the design elements you’ll be using in your packaging. For example, do you want your packaging design to look classic yet simple, dark and edgy, or luxurious?

Define the ideal consumer or your brand – the ideal consumer’s identity is equally as important as your brand’s personality. Should the design appeal to tween girls who are obsessed glitter and sparkles or women of color who’ve been searching for makeup that matches their skin tone?

Define the way in which your ideal consumer will be purchasing your product – in other words, how will you be selling your product to the consumer? Whether you’ll be selling your product in a boutique, department store, or online, your design strategy might have to change based on where your brand will be selling.

Remember, the goal is to create an eye-catching design that stands out from the other competitive brands on the same shelf and gets the consumer to put your product in their shopping basket or cart and then on their face. The allure of a good packaging design cannot be ignored and with more people ready to pay for eco-friendly packing, companies can do their bit to reduce the carbon footprint.

Find Your Inspiration in Cosmetics Packaging Trends

Being aware of the most current cosmetics packaging trends can inspire you to create the kind of design that caters to what the consumer feels is most important to them. Some of the more current trends in cosmetics packaging include:

  • black packaging with small pops of color and subtle patterns
  • bold, attention-grabbing patterns
  • earthy, warming colors and lush floral prints
  • intricate line drawings
  • modern minimalist pastels
  • unique custom fonts

Not that you’ve found the inspiration you need, it’s time to get started creating your beauty products and cosmetics packaging designs and labeling. For more information, contact APG today. We have a plethora of options of high quality

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