How can beauty brands improve their green credentials?
When it comes to consumer habits, an increasing amount of individuals are adopting a more eco-friendly mindset when purchasing items. This means that brands need to step up their green credentials in order to keep up with competitors.

With greenwashing rife across most industries, it’s vital that brands go above and beyond to ensure their sustainable efforts are genuine. Keep reading to discover the myriad of ways in which companies can improve their green credentials.

Sustainable packaging
In order to be more eco-friendly, brand’s should ditch the plastic and consider making the switch to sustainable packaging. Recycled materials, bamboo, and sugar cane are all examples of the different types of products that are used to create more sustainable packaging options.

The amount of single-use plastic that ends up in the sea is staggering. There is now more than 5.25 trillion micro and macro pieces of plastic in our oceans. With the numbers only increasing, brands need to be using alternatives.

Offer refillable packaging
Another alternative to single-use plastics is to use refillable packaging, such as a refillable jar or a refillable lotion bottle. This means consumers can reuse product packaging, negating the need to throw the product away once empty.

Eco-friendly manufacturing
Another way in which brands can improve their green credentials is by embracing eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This means reducing the use of synthetic ingredients, and instead focusing on obtaining sustainable and natural alternatives.

Companies can also look into using renewable energy sources to power manufacturing, and commit to using less water during the production of products.

Recycling initiatives
To help consumers hold up their end of the bargain with regards to making eco-friendly choices, brands can introduce recycling initiatives.

One way to do this is by offering customers a discount on the next purchase, if they return an empty container to your store.

These types of programs incentivize individuals to recycle, rather than throw away packaging with the rest of the household waste.

Wave goodbye to toxic ingredients
Beauty products have to contain an ingredient list, as set out by the FDA’s labelling guide. This also means the products must not contain any of the ingredients listed on the FDA’s restricted or prohibited list.

Despite this, there are still some ingredients included in some cosmetics that are toxic, including carcinogens and chemicals that can disrupt hormones.

However, more and more brands are turning away from the use of toxic ingredients in order to meet the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and natural ingredients.

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