Why you should consider using airless packaging for liquid products

Consumers are far more likely to repurchase a product if the packaging is premium. This goes to show that both the appearance and the utility of packaging are important factors in a consumer’s buying decision.

When it comes to liquid products, the packaging needs to allow the consumer to easily dispense the product, while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the formula. One way to achieve this is by using airless packaging. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of using airless packaging.

  • Prevents the product from oxidizing

When products oxidize, they can take on a yellow hue, which is off putting to users. With airless pumps, the product is protected from the air, thus mitigating the risk of oxidization.

This makes airless technology particularly useful for products that are prone to oxidization. Therefore, the quality of the product doesn’t diminish as a result of exposure to oxygen.

  • Travel friendly

A common issue with cosmetics that use a normal pump system is that they need to be kept up right in order to work. This makes it difficult to use the product when travelling, as the product becomes displaced.

With airless pumps, the bottle doesn’t need to be kept upright in order to be used. The vacuum technology allows for the product to be dispensed in any position.

  • Safer for users

When it comes to skincare, it’s vital that consumers feel that a product is safe to use. Airless pump bottles are vacuum-sealed, making tamper-proof once they have been filled. This means the user can be sure that their product hasn’t been contaminated.

  • Less product waste

There are a range of issues associated with regular pump bottles that make it difficult for liquid products to be accessed. Once the product drops below a certain level, it’s difficult for the pump to dispense the rest of the product, meaning it goes to waste.

Additionally, regular pump bottles suffer from air pockets, which make it harder to dispense the product.

Airless pumps allow consumers to use the entire product, reducing the risk of waste. As a result, consumers feel as though they’re getting their money’s worth when using your product.

  • No more double-dipping

A lot of skincare products come in jars or containers, meaning users have to dip their fingers into the product in order to use it. This means they’re consistently contaminating the product with the bacteria present on their fingers.

Airless pumps mean consumers don’t need to put their fingers into the product in order to use it. Instead, they’ll be able to dispense the right amount of product every time.


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